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Does Your Firm Need An IT Assessment?

Does Your Firm Need An IT Assessment?

Before any problem can be solved, it must first be identified. IT problems, of course, often require an expert for that. That’s why many IT companies offer comprehensive IT assessment services. These are basically just examination and evaluation services that serve to identify key IT problems that may need work. But, of course, not everyone needs one. So, let’s try to help you figure out if your firm needs an IT assessment.

Key Takeaways

  1. Network Issues and Downtime: Persistent network problems indicate the need for an IT assessment to prevent costly downtime.
  2. Updated Security Measures: Outdated systems can compromise security, making an IT assessment crucial in safeguarding against cyber threats and data breaches.
  3. Assessing Business Risks: Evaluation of potential risks is essential, especially for companies handling sensitive data or financial transactions, to implement effective risk mitigation strategies.
  4. Optimizing Resources: IT assessments identify underutilized technology, enabling businesses to maximize investments and operational efficiency.
  5. External Expert Insights: Seeking external perspectives fosters innovative solutions and addresses complex IT challenges for continuous improvement.
  6. Proactive Disaster Planning: IT assessments facilitate proactive disaster recovery planning to minimize the impact of potential IT crises.

Is Your Firm Experiencing Network Access Issues?

No matter what kind of business you run, internet problems can easily translate into a lot of lost money. Downtime can sometimes cost thousands of dollars per hour, so network access issues are a sure sign that something is wrong. Thus, a company that is experiencing a lot of network lag (more properly known as latency) or which is experiencing frequent downtime is definitely in need of an IT assessment.

Is Your Firm Experiencing Security Issues?

To maintain proper network security, it is essential that you have an up-to-date system. This is because out-of-date servers will still contain known vulnerabilities that a hacker can easily exploit. Software and hardware companies are constantly looking for vulnerabilities that they can patch, and these patches are usually given out for free. That’s just one example of how a poor IT setup can undermine your security.

If your firm has been experiencing security issues, such as hacking attempts, DDOSing, data theft, etc., then you definitely need to get an IT assessment. It is difficult to make any computer system intrusion-proof, but a competent IT professional can definitely make things a lot harder for a potential attacker. Of course, your security needs will also depend on the nature of your company.

How At-Risk Is Your Business?

As we have already explained, good security is one of the primary reasons to get an IT assessment. While any IT-related problem can bring your business to a temporary halt, security issues have the potential to do a lot more. Thus, you need to think about your risks and how to mitigate them through technology.

When figuring out this part of the question, you should just ask yourself: “What can a criminal gain by hacking into my network?” Obviously, financial institutions have the most to lose, while small businesses are probably the least likely to be targeted. Of course, small businesses can also be targeted, but they don’t make very appealing targets and will attract only the little fish.

Are You Effectively Using All Your Resources?

In many cases, companies invest in new technology only to shelve it later. This sometimes happens because people find a better solution, but it is more often the result of poor utilization. An IT assessment can determine if you are using all of your company’s resources to the fullest, and that can be very helpful.

If your company has invested in software or hardware that isn’t being used, an IT assessment can probably figure out some way for you to incorporate that extra equipment. After all, you already paid for this stuff anyway, so you might as well put it to use.

Does Your Company Need An Outsider’s Perspective?

Chances are, your company already has an IT team (or at least one IT person on staff). If your existing staff is already doing a good job of making things run smoothly, you may not need an IT evaluation. However, there is nearly always room for improvement. That’s where it can be very helpful to get an outsider’s perspective. That is the right time to ask yourself: “Where can I get the best IT services near me?”

Even if your IT people are very competent, it can be easy for them to get “stuck in a rut.” They can become fixated on the solutions and methods that they know best. There is nothing wrong with that, but sometimes a different approach might be needed. Thus, you should talk to the people in charge of your IT team and determine if they are dealing with any particularly difficult problems. If that is the case, and if a good solution has not yet been found, that’s when an outside assessment is a good idea.

Pre-Emptive Problem Solving

Most of the time, people order an IT assessment because they are having some kind of problem. Many companies don’t want to spend money on IT unless there is a real need and/or some kind of risk. However, a good assessment can serve as a very effective form of preventive medicine. After all, isn’t it better to cut off a problem before it even begins? For this reason, even companies with no serious IT problems can benefit from an expert assessment.

For instance, many IT companies will help you to create a comprehensive disaster recovery plan. This will often include data and system backup, as well as a response plan. With a good response plan, every employee in your organization will know what to do in the event of a data breach, devastating crash, or any other IT-related crisis.

Many Kinds Of IT Assessments

The needs and circumstances of every company are at least a little different. As such, IT assessments are often tailored to those specific needs. You can get one that is a little more security-centered, or you can have the inspectors concentrate on efficiency or any number of other metrics. Most of the companies that offer these services will give you a wide variety of options.


Does your firm need an IT assessment? Obviously, not everyone needs to bother with one. Yet, there are quite a few ways in which your company might benefit from one. Better security, smoother network operation, and more efficient use of resources are just a few of the many benefits that can come from these evaluation visits. Here at PCH Technologies, we offer the very best assessments in the business, and we would like to prove that claim at your convenience. If you would like to know more, please call PCH Technologies today at (856) 754-7500 or fill out the contact form.