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Florida Managed Security Services Providers: What Do They Do and Why Do You Need One?

Florida Managed Security Services Providers: What Do They Do and Why Do You Need One?

Today’s cybersecurity threat environment is as complex as it has ever been, while cyberattacks continue escalating at an alarming pace. The staggering emergence of new and sophisticated cyber threats among smaller companies in Florida requires persistent monitoring to detect suspicious and unauthorized activity across their networks.

Obstacles like this require a team of talented specialists to help your business overcome prospective criminal adversaries. With that much known, the well-publicized problem of cyber threats has made it increasingly difficult to source the qualified talent necessary to strengthen your security posture. Manage IT service providers like PCH Technologies deliver the consistent monitoring a small business like yours requires to protect itself from sophisticated cyber threats.

One of the main issues with cyber attacks is that they’re hardly a passing fad. In many circumstances, internal IT departments find themselves outpaced by the sheer volume of emergent threats. As a result, many small business owners in Florida have turned to managed service providers (MSPs) and managed service security (MSSPs) for the additional support required to effectively prevent and mitigate cyber incidents.

What is a managed service security provider (MSSP)?

Anytime you outsource your cybersecurity services in part or in whole, you’re engaging the services of a managed security service provider (MSSP). Cybersecurity outsourcers provide the appropriate specialized expertise to help companies enhance their protection and prevent future cyber threats. These agencies allow companies like yours to reduce their costs by sharing the cost of services with other subscribers instead of hiring and maintaining an IT department internally.

A managed security service provider can handle every aspect of your cybersecurity protection or take over specific portions of it, such as around-the-clock monitoring of your systems, under a co-managed solution. A reputable MSSP will respond to your IT emergencies quickly while detecting any potential threats in advance. When you choose managed services for your IT, your company benefits from better threat hunting, faster incident response, and robust surge support.

Most managed service providers deliver their services on a subscription basis. If you operate a growing Florida business, outsourcing your cyber protection needs can result in considerable cost savings.

Why do you need an MSSP?

The reasons your company could benefit from hiring an MSSP are too numerous to list here. The two primary factors to consider are cost and time savings. Other advantages, like improved regulatory compliance, account for similarly important considerations. Governmental bodies such as the Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Defense Informations Systems Agency (DISA), and the Office of Management and Budget now require businesses to develop and adhere to advanced security plans to meet compliance requirements.

Businesses of all sizes continue to grapple with the best approach for securing their company networks. MSSPs help businesses with work-stressed in-house IT departments get their security back under control. When you outsource your IT security requirements, your direct hires benefit from the time savings, allowing them to continue placing their primary focus on growing revenue and meeting the company mission. A trusted managed service partner can handle all your security operations monitoring tasks, from Tier 1 to Tier 3. This additional support lets your core IT staff focus more on handling complex tasks like disaster recovery and escalations that demand immediate attention and direct monitoring.

The economies of scale provided by MSSPs also help place companies at a significant advantage from a growth standpoint. An expert and experienced managed service provider like PCH Technologies can help you customize a robust security strategy and onboard the resources required to help you execute it.

Smaller companies often lack the budgets to hire the same advanced cybersecurity teams as their enterprise-level counterparts. In many situations, hiring and maintaining a staff of internal security experts that can cover every aspect of your digital security is cost-prohibitive. Outsourcing your cybersecurity helps you lower your overall IT expenses while you benefit from the skills of a knowledgeable group of security experts that can work around the clock on your behalf.

Getting started with an MSSP

Companies interested in partnering with a trusted managed security service provider should start by listing any known vulnerabilities within their systems. This can help any prospective cybersecurity support company you engage with better understand how to meet your IT security requirements. Start preparing your internal technology department to work with the outsourcer and the significant positive changes they often bring.

Under the MSSP model, your organization will hand off most, if not all, of its cybersecurity needs to a third party. For most companies, this is a significant step that shouldn’t be taken lightly. We offer leading-edge support for Florida businesses that require robust cybersecurity to meet increasingly stringent regulator demands. Our team collectively holds dozens of top certifications in cybersecurity and IT support. We offer 24/7/365 access to advanced network monitoring services, cybersecurity engineering, disaster recovery services, cloud storage, and continuous network monitoring.

Learn more about how managed security services from PCH Technologies reduce your IT expenditures while strengthening your overall cybersecurity posture by completing our online request for contact form or dial (856) 754-7500 now.


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