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Glen Guenther

Getting To Know Us

Chief Security Officer

Glen Guenther is a seasoned professional in the field of information technology and services, currently serving as the Chief Security Officer at PCH Technologies. With over a decade of experience, Glen has demonstrated a strong ability to manage and improve service delivery, network security, and customer service.

In his current role as Chief Security Officer, Glen is responsible for overseeing all aspects of security operations, developing and implementing mitigation strategies, and ensuring the network’s security. His skills in incident response have been crucial in maintaining the integrity and safety of the company’s IT infrastructure.

Prior to his current role, Glen served as the Operations Manager at PCH Technologies for over three years. In this role, he honed his skills in network security, incident response, and technical support. He also demonstrated strong capabilities in account management, IT management, and cybersecurity. His ability to manage incidents and oversee the Network Operations Center (NOC) was instrumental in ensuring smooth IT services and maintaining information security.

Before joining PCH Technologies, Glen held various positions at GCF Bank, including Assistant IT Manager and IT Supervisor. His roles at GCF Bank allowed him to develop his technical support skills and gain valuable experience in the banking industry’s IT sector.

Glen’s extensive experience and proven skills in IT management and cybersecurity make him a valuable asset to PCH Technologies. His commitment to maintaining high security standards and improving IT services aligns with PCH Technologies’ mission to provide reliable and secure IT solutions to its clients.

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Glen Guenther

Chief Security Officer

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