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Health Screeners Helping Us Get Back to Work

Health Screeners Helping Us Get Back to Work

Tim Guim here and welcome to another Tuesday with Tim! 

With September coming to an end, many of us are back in the full swing of school, work, and life in generalAs uncertain as the world may seem right now, it is still turning, and our lives must continue. However, we need to be smart about how we move forward. 

So, I have been doing some research for a couple of weeks on how I can make the office a safer space for my employees and visitors coming into the building. There is a full variety of health screeners’ technology out there that provides electronic questionnaires, takes temperatures, and can even detect if a person is wearing a mask. 

Some options range from a basic need to a more advanced need and everything in between.  And the same goes for the cost of the units as well.  So, these are definitely factors to consider if you are looking to automate the screening process or looking to add a capability like this. Now, let me describe the health screener that we came upon for our own office.  

Essentially, the product assesses anyone before they enter the building. You walk up to the kiosk and it dispenses hand sanitizer before asking you to swipe in a badge, employee number, email, or something of that nature. The kiosk will direct you to place your forehead close enough to the screen that it can take your temperature. If your temperature is within normal limits you will then gain access to the building. However, if it is above normal, a message will pop up requesting that you wait until an associate can come and confirm. 

When looking into these units you want to ensure that your employees and visitors’ information are safe, so you want to understand how this information is being stored and the security measure in place to protect the system. Also, as a general network security procedure, the health screener should be completely separate from the corporate network and only be able to connect to the internet if it needs to.  

Overall, this is an easy way to implement a nocontact environment to minimize the chance of spreading germs. It is quick and simple, and you can have peace of mind knowing that you are doing all you can to ensure that who you are letting inside the building is safe to be here.  

Just be sure to take your time when choosing health screener technology for your company. There are so many options out there, so do your research and pick one that is the right fit for your business!