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How Orlando, FL Businesses Benefit From Co-Managed IT Services

How Orlando, FL Businesses Benefit From Co-Managed IT Services

In today’s highly connected business milieu, each growing company demands reliable IT specialists who can handle every issue, from basic network setups to critical software that customers need before accessing their services. Irrespective of how deep and skilled your existing IT department is, new problems invariably arise that your team simply can’t resolve.

While your internal technology department is vital to your flourishing success, co-managed IT support can leverage its proven procedures and advanced infrastructure to increase the efficiency and productivity of your in-house technology department. A co-managed IT service lets businesses benefit from integrating the up-to-date resources of a managed service provider to bolster their overall IT support.

When you partner with a co-managed IT provider, your in-house team picks up new skills through collaboration with highly specialized professionals who bring a range of experience to your IT projects. Most businesses will benefit from a co-managed IT solution, regardless of size. However, companies in advanced stages of growth tend to find the most rewards in the customized and adaptable solutions a co-managed service provider like PCH Technologies brings to their organization.

What are the primary benefits of co-managed IT?

The advantages of partnering with a co-managed IT service are vast. In fact, they are too exhaustive to list here entirely. The primary benefit of any co-managed solution is the option to retain your existing technology department while strengthening your ability to troubleshoot complex and emergent IT problems that your in-house team is ill-equipped to manage. Likewise, IT service providers help you close skill gaps while tightening digital security and freeing up your on-premises staff. The additional support lets your team focus more on key business growth initiatives.

Once you decide to implement an outsourcing strategy, identifying how the service will support and ultimately benefit your organization is critical. Let’s take a closer look at the primary advantages a co-managed IT solution brings to your business.

What Are the Primary Benefits of Onsite IT Support?

Customized services

Reputable managed service providers always tailor their co-managed solutions to client-specific needs. Your business priorities are foremost, and your managed IT service must implement an effective strategy that adapts to them.

When it comes to software and cybersecurity, a co-managed service should customize its techniques to meet your specific business requirements. A client-centric approach is crucial, and your co-managed IT service provider has to offer flexible solutions that are responsive enough to drive business growth.

Predictable expenses

Managing your IT costs on the fly is challenging, especially as new problems constantly arise. Co-managed providers offer the flexibility to mix and match the services you need while helping you develop a long-term plan that keeps your technology expenses within budget.

Co-managed solutions are considerably more affordable than comprehensively managed services, yet you’ll encounter many of the same advantages as a fully-outsourced package. Your managed service partner will leverage the resources and infrastructure of your existing IT department without replacing it entirely. Comprehensively managed services, on the other hand, require a complete takeover of all your IT requirements.

As you decide between the two options, a proper estimation of the cost reduction is paramount because one solution could save you more than the other. Co-managed services cost significantly less than fully-managed packages, but evaluating the expenses to maintain your existing IT department and infrastructure is necessary before making an educated decision about which service best fits your needs.

Network transparency

If your organization struggles with limited staff and outmoded technological resources, it likely suffers from a lack of transparency across your network. Co-managed solutions increase network transparency through improved device monitoring, so you know what’s going on with your network at all times. The upshot of better network transparency translates to reduced security risks while you maximize system uptime.

Comprehensive IT coverage

As you assess your options for managed IT services in Orlando, keep in mind the scope and scale of your technology requirements, both in the present and in the future, while your company continues to grow. Your coverage must account for multiple devices, a diversity of software products and applications along with your existing infrastructure and any anticipated upgrades thereto.

A co-managed service should address all your business IT needs, from internet access and network security to data breaches and hardware failures. The importance of partnering with a managed service provider that provides comprehensive IT coverage to eliminate any blank spots can’t be overstated.

Identifying any gaps in your IT coverage starts with a thorough assessment of your network. Our skilled technicians will complete a deep dive into your systems to understand your security needs while exposing any existing vulnerabilities. We also examine your current infrastructure closely to establish areas that may require additional support before developing a strategy to implement a comprehensive coverage program of your network and other systems.

Keep your current staff with co-managed IT

You worked hard to establish a dependable in-house IT team, and there’s no reason to relinquish it before realizing the benefits of a leading Orlando managed service provider. Moreover, maintaining a positive employee-employer relationship for expanding business is one of many aspects that helps foster growth.

Most Orlando IT services will encourage you to sign on to a fully-managed package. PCH Technologies, in contrast, offers a range of flexible solutions to ensure your business thrives well into the future. For more on how managed IT services in Orlando can bring your IT support up-to-date while allowing you to maintain your existing staff, inquire with us online now or call PCH Technologies today at (844) 754-7500.


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