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How to Choose the Best Managed Firewall Service for Your Expanding Business

How to Choose the Best Managed Firewall Service for Your Expanding Business

Data security is now a top priority for companies of all sizes. As a business owner, staying up-to-date with the latest cybersecurity trends and practices is more critical than ever.

Most company leaders understand that managing and monitoring a firewall demands constant vigilance. And many executives are turning to experienced consultancies and Managed Service Providers (MSSPs) like PCH Technologies to help them attain the optimal security benefits of a well-maintained firewall.

In the following text, we’ll delve into just a few of the finer points that define a world-class managed firewall service.

What is a managed firewall service?

Managed firewall services are among the most effective paths to bridging the gap between the implementation and facilitation of your company’s cybersecurity agenda. Additionally, managed services allow companies to eliminate the cost of maintaining an on-premises IT staff. An office of any size gains from simplifying its staffing model. At the same time, a managed IT service ensures the 24/7 enterprise-class security of their operation.

Managed Service Providers offer managed firewall services that seek to isolate and eliminate potential security threats to your network while monitoring its traffic to capture a broader picture of what it looks like. Under a managed service, skilled technicians work tirelessly around the clock to identify and correct atypical use or any other anomalies obsessed across your network.

A managed firewall service typically includes Application Control and Web Content Filtering. Application control seeks to maximize worker productivity on the various devices deployed by your operation. Web Content Filtering, on the other hand, uses a threat database to block access to malicious or socially objection websites, all categorized on the basis of their content.

With a vast array of managed firewall services in the market, deciding which MSSP is best for your business can be daunting. This is especially true if you’re unfamiliar with the most current landscape of cybersecurity products and services. A managed IT service will develop a comprehensive and individualized assessment of your network and help determine which firewall services best fit the needs of your business.

Does your company need a managed firewall service?

The best answer to this question invariably depends upon the scope and capabilities of your current IT department. However, because protecting your business from malicious threats is so vital, you might consider a managed firewall service in any case. An MSSP can operate in a diversity of roles, from strictly dedicated and fully managed to co-managed monitored firewall solutions that relieve your team the resource-intensive task of maintaining a firewall.

With that in mind, firewall management is a specialty area of IT, requiring specialized knowledge that not all IT technicians possess. Effective firewall management demands that the right team of experts is in place. Moreover, a managed firewall service gives you 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of several key device metrics, whereby you receive a detailed report concerning device availability and health.

You won’t need to worry about essential staff calling off or retraining after employee changeovers. In addition to this, depending on the plan you pick, you may also receive unlimited proactive incident management, remote CLI troubleshooting, and VPN creation and configuration.

What are the key benefits of a firewall service?

A professionally managed firewall service stops external attackers from accessing your business network while still maintaining open channels for outward communication. A robust MSSP allows for peace of mind because you know your company stays protected by the security of an enhanced and up-to-date firewall.

An adequately managed service reduces the risk of the following:

  • Cyberattacks on company infrastructure
  • Network downtime resulting from firewall device malfunction
  • Network downtime resulting from comprised IT infrastructure
  • Compliance and regulatory discipline
  • Firewall performance issues after routine upgrades
  • A poorly invested sense of confidence in your existing firewall
  • Threats to brand reputation and customer attrition

An investment in a reliable managed firewall yields several benefits, like:

  • No costly investments in highly specialized onsite personnel
  • Well-protected business continuity
  • In-house IT staff remains focused on core business tasks
  • Safeguarded brand protection
  • Customer loyalty and predictable future revenue

Is a managed firewall service right for your business?

If you aim to prevent a breach at all costs but don’t feel like you have the specialized security-skill staff, then a managed firewall service is your best solution.

Maintaining security and business continuity is vital because a catastrophic cyber incident can make or break a company in today’s highly digitized marketplace. It takes a considerable amount of time and resources to achieve this, not to mention the expensive employees, adequately prepared to protect your data.

PCH Technologies, an award-winning Managed Service Provider, can perform a comprehensive security review to find any cybersecurity vulnerabilities in your network. Contact PCH Technologies at 844-754-7500 today and book a quick discovery call to determine which managed firewall service is right for your business.