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How To Find A Qualified Managed IT Security Services Provider in New Jersey

How To Find A Qualified Managed IT Security Services Provider in New Jersey

Security is extremely important in the digital world, as it abounds with criminals of all sorts. Thankfully, there are reliable ways to protect against such threats. One of the most effective methods is to employ the services of a managed security service provider, also called an MSSP. For those of you who need to find the best cybersecurity services in the state of New Jersey, this article should be very helpful.

What Is An MSSP?

A Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) is a specialized kind of IT company that helps other companies to improve their security and create a tighter defense. MSSP companies are generally employed by companies that handle a lot of sensitive data, as these companies have an increased need for security.

A managed security service provider takes charge of your cybersecurity situation, and they also take responsibility for the same. That means you will have qualified people monitoring your security situation at all times. If you don’t want to hand over all the responsibility to an outside company, you can set up a plan whereby the MSSP divides responsibilities with your in-house cybersecurity crew.

Do You Need An MSSP?

Not all companies necessarily need the help of a managed security service provider. If your overall level of cyber risk is pretty low, you might not really need the enhanced security provided by an MSSP. However, we offer this thought: When it comes to security, overkill isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Even if your overall risk is not that high, it never hurts to be well-protected. Thus, any company can benefit from the services of an MSSP, even if they don’t have unusually large security needs.

How To Find A Qualified MSSP In New Jersey

You should beware of substandard IT companies that offer substandard MSSP services. Yes, they will probably be very cheap, but you won’t really get what you bought. If you’re going to pay for better security, it’s worthwhile to pay just a little more and get the full benefits. But, you might ask, how do we separate the good from the bad?

The answer is very simple: Ask for certifications and other credentials. Most cybersecurity professionals become such by taking courses and becoming certified in cybersecurity-related subjects. If they don’t have certs and credentials, there is nothing to prove that they know any more than the average person. Any organization that refuses to show credentials should be regarded with suspicion and should be avoided.

Once you have seen the relevant certificates, you need to verify that they are legitimate. People forge credentials all the time, so you can’t always trust what you initially see. The only surefire way to do this is to contact the organization that issued the certification. Many types of cybersecurity certs exist, and it wouldn’t hurt to make yourself familiar with some of them.

Reviews Are Also Helpful

As we said, certs and other credentials are the best way to verify the integrity of an MSSP. However, you also want to know about the level of service that they provide. A particular company can be perfectly qualified and certified while at the same providing shoddy service. You want to make sure that your provider is responsive and that they put a high emphasis on good customer service.

The easiest way to do this is to seek out various reviews. These can be found online, or you can contact other companies for whom your MSSP has worked. When doing this, bear in mind that not all reviews are legitimate or honest. That’s why you should look for patterns rather than individual facts. For instance, if many reviewers report the same problem, that problem is a lot more likely to be legitimate. If just one reviewer reports a particular problem, it was probably just an isolated incident and isn’t much cause for worry.

What Does An MSSP Provider Do For You?

The difference between a managed security services provider and a managed services provider lies in one word: Security. The whole point of an MSSP is to tighten things down and make it much harder for anyone to breach that security. They can do this in a number of effective ways.

For one thing, regular monitoring is one of the best things that an MSSP can do. Every cyberattack is different, and you can’t necessarily predict how they will do their dirty work. However, any cyber-attack (if successful) will involve altering your systems, settings, or files. Even if they are simply trying to steal data, they have to upload it to an external source. So, an MSSP can monitor your network traffic, your system settings, and the state of important files. Thus, if someone tries to change something or abscond with stolen data, they can be detected and stopped.

A good MSSP should also be a source of good advice on the subject of cybersecurity. It’s a rather complicated subject, and the average person has little to no knowledge of how it works. Thus, your provider should try their best to give you all the information you need and answer any relevant questions. An MSSP should also be willing to help you with diagnostics and testing so that any existing security flaws can be found and corrected.

Finally, an MSSP gives you valuable resources and tools for disaster recovery. Data disasters like crashes, accidental deletions, and cyberattacks happen every day, and you never know when they might happen to you. After suffering such a hit, it is essential to have immediate help from qualified experts.

Conclusion: Where Can I Find The Best MSSP Company?

If you live in the beautiful state of New Jersey, you are in luck. There happens to be an excellent MSSP provider in your area that can offer high-quality service at an affordable price. PCH Technologies is one of the leaders in the field and is considered to be the best overall choice in NJ. If you would like to know more, you can contact PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.