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How To Find A Qualified Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Philadelphia

How To Find A Qualified Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) in Philadelphia

It’s now common knowledge that cyber security threats against small to medium-sized businesses are on the rise, and enterprises around the globe are actively working to strengthen their cybersecurity postures in response. Criminal hackers are well-organized and work diligently to identify and infiltrate networks of unsuspecting business owners in the greater Philadelphia area who often falsely assume their organizations are too insubstantial to become targets.

This is why many companies in the area have decided to take a proactive approach to their security by partnering with a managed service provider. Managed providers like PCH Technologies can work faster and more effectively than the typical in-house IT department to protect your business from the ongoing risks associated with an increasingly hostile cybersecurity environment.

Outsourced IT services in Philadelphia deliver the resources, skills, and superior infrastructure necessary to reduce or eliminate the financial and reputational risks that follow almost every serious breach on your systems. In this article, we’ll cover the steps you should take as you start your search for a qualified IT service provider in Philadelphia.

What is a managed security service provider (MSSP)?

Managed security service providers (MSSPs) can be described as any third-party outsourcer that handles a business’s security services either in part or in whole. MSSPs protect organizations against an escalating threat environment by providing the software and digital infrastructure necessary to secure their sensitive data via a network of specialized cybersecurity professionals.

MSSPs monitor your network traffic and systems for anomalies and suspicious activities that can lead to a fully-fledged breach. Of course, incidents like this can significantly disrupt your operations. Accordingly, if the managed service provider detects unusual patterns, they will start the mitigation process by immediately alerting your team before responding to the threat and neutralizing it. The primary objective of any MSSP service is to help your business increase its security posture and prevent future threats from interrupting your continuous operations.

Managed service providers in Philadelphia who offer cybersecurity protection plans can administer them in-house or onsite, depending on your IT requirements. If the services are delivered remotely, they’re typically administered through the cloud. Some MSSPs may provide services in specific areas, while others offer a full spectrum of security packages that can accommodate virtually any business.

The reasons Philadelphia companies elect to partner with MSSPs are several. The decision to outsource a business’s security requirements usually comes down to a lack of internal resources or an evident skills gap in their in-house department. The landscape for managing cyber threats is constantly changing, which is why companies like yours need access to the specialized resources that only a skilled outsourcer can provide.

In some situations, companies may engage an MSSP strictly for third-party auditing services to ensure they are compliant or investigate the details of a breach.

Why hire outsourced IT services in Philadelphia

Most companies understand that improving their security posture is important, yet they still fail to take proactive measures in implementing the necessary improvements to keep their systems safe from threat actors. Oftentimes, it’s only after a serious security event that results in significant financial and brand reputation loss when a business decides to contract a managed IT service provider in Philadelphia.

When businesses partner with MSSPs, they find the ability to manage their cybersecurity requirements offsite, allowing them to keep their in-house IT staff focused on more revenue-generating activities. At the same time, they gain access to more robust cybersecurity solutions and infrastructure to ensure they don’t fall victim to the latest threats.

MSSPs in Philadelphia benefit companies in several ways, but businesses, foremost, appreciate the peace of mind they get when they know their networks and systems are being monitored 24/7/365 by a specialized cybersecurity team.

Your digital security requirements don’t end when your in-house IT department goes home for the day. But a qualified outsourcer can provide you with the around-the-clock workforce and technology to ensure your company doesn’t fall victim to a significant attack after normal business hours.

Cyberattacks can escalate at an alarming pace and produce a domino effect in which you’re ostensibly fighting off one threat after another. MSSPs give you the tools you need to address security events in real-time to expedite recovery. If an attack is detected too late, it might grievously damage your infrastructure and contribute to an indeterminable stretch of downtime that could make successful recovery impossible.

This ability to detect threats early reduces the prospects of a catastrophic attack. At the same time, outsourcing ensures your existing IT department doesn’t become work-stressed and starts battling security issues to the point where you can’t advance your strategic growth initiatives.

How to vet managed security service providers in Philadelphia

The best practice for screening MSSPs in the Philadelphia area is to begin by identifying your own security needs and then determine which services you want to outsource and which you would prefer to keep in-house. This is the first step before you can effectively evaluate any managed service provider. Once you’ve identified which functions make the most sense for outsourcing, you can proceed to meet with your business and executive teams to establish your budget.

After verifying which requirements you should outsource and how much you can spend, you can then start engaging MSSPs in your area to get a better sense of the viable options. Reputable service providers like PCH Technologies typically start with a no-cost, obligation-free consultation before conducting a more comprehensive cyber risk assessment to identify any existing vulnerabilities in your networks and systems.

Checking references and verifying testimonials of any MSSP you meet with is crucial. Just like onboarding any new employee, it will help you start short-listing vendors for further evaluation. You should also ask companies for any case studies they have that prove their methodologies are effective and show how they’ve helped other clients in your industry.

Reduce the risk of cyber threats with PCH Technologies’ IT services in Philadelphia

Searching for an MSSP that can provide ongoing strategic advice and support while offering continuous, around-the-clock management? Reach out to our team of security experts now by scheduling your free discovery session online or calling us at (856) 754-7500.