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How To Protect Against Ransomware Attacks: 3 Steps To Take

How To Protect Against Ransomware Attacks: 3 Steps To Take

Ransomware attacks have grown to become one of the most predominant cyber threats within the last several years. This type of cyber attack has become so frequent that many companies find it difficult to identify one when it does occur. Worse still, a growing number of businesses struggle even more during the recovery process after they finally realize they’ve become a victim of a ransomware attack.

Criminal hackers and ransomware shouldn’t be underestimated. These bad actors understand how to leverage emergent technologies like blockchain and cryptocurrencies to make their crimes virtually impossible to prosecute as they seemingly disappear into thin air. They target companies and individuals alike, while the annual ransomware payouts have now ballooned into multiple millions of dollars.

PCH Technologies specializes in ransomware data recovery services, offering advanced threat detection and digital environment restoration solutions to businesses like yours. Our customized software and preventative strategies ensure that your company remains prepared once a ransomware attack strikes. Our team of cybersecurity experts will consult with and guide your existing IT department at the onset of a ransomware invasion while working tirelessly to achieve the quickest recovery possible.

Perhaps the most critical factor in protecting yourself against ransomware attacks is staying informed. Let’s take a closer look at three reliable steps your business can take immediately to stop ransomware attackers in their tracks.

1. Data backups

Backing up your essential business information is, by far, the most effective approach for ensuring your organization doesn’t topple after a ransomware incident. When you engage a cloud-based storage service, your critical data is stored safely offsite. What this means is that your vital and secure information is recoverable; thus, giving the ransomware attackers no leverage in their attempt to negotiate an exchange for your decrypted data. But that aside, storing your files securely offsite on the cloud guarantees the speediest recovery possible.

PCH Technologies offers advanced cloud storage solutions, engineered for consistent backups and maximum information security. As you search for a ransomware recovery service, verifying their methods for storing your data is a must. Does the company’s storage solution integrate data recovery with administrative use, or is it a dedicated recovery platform? Knowing the answers to questions like this can make all the difference in how you approach your essential business workflows.

2. Anti-ransomware detection software

The most common method for initiating a ransomware attack and infiltrating your network is through email. Ransomware data recovery services like ours use advanced anti-ransomware detection programs that scan and monitor the emails coming into your employee inboxes to detect malicious attachments and links. This security solution along can make a considerable difference in heading off ransomware attackers before they can even start their offense.

Some small businesses mistakenly rely upon consumer-grade antivirus software that is hardly sufficient. Cloud-based email security services offer far superior protection because they’re able to detect and analyze potential threats in real-time. This cybersecurity solution checks your emails for suspicious URLs, malicious attachments, and questionable email addresses from outside your organization. Properly safeguarding your email servers give you the best chance of defending against ransomware attacks because you prevent them before they occur. And setting a robust, cloud-based email security solution in place is among the best strategies for getting these precise results.

3. Ongoing cybersecurity awareness training

After data backups, continually educating your workforce on digital security is the surest way to guarantee your company never falls victim to a ransomware attack. While the results of a breach are usually the same, cybercriminals are constantly devising new methods for socially engineering workers into opening malicious links and attachments that too often start the process of a ransomware attack. Criminal hackers are well-organized. If you’re company or industry has any known vulnerabilities, there’s little question the modern-day cybercriminal will have already identified a way to exploit them.

Implementing an ongoing cybersecurity awareness initiative will equip your employees with the tools it needs to prevent the phishing scams that start off the typical ransomware attack. Your staff will be able to identify imposter emails quicker and avoid other types of targeted fraud that usually begins with a ploy to socially engineer an associate the scammer observed on your company site. Once your team members understand how ransomware and other cyber attacks work, they are less likely to fall for these criminal schemes. Continuous education on cybersecurity is the best way to ensure nothing slips through the cracks and that you never have to pay for an expensive recovery process.

How else can your company reliably prevent ransomware attacks?

Cybersecurity is a serious topic among many businesses today because the current threat environment has become so increasingly sophisticated and complex. The problem with protecting your business from ransomware threats is that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for preventing them. Even the most skilled IT departments and security operations centers find themselves challenged to stay on top of the latest developments.

PCH Technologies offers comprehensive cybersecurity packages that can halt a variety of attack vectors while assessing and identifying the latest emergent threats. Not all cybersecurity firms are the same, and only a fraction of them emphasize the importance of maintaining a robust ransomware protection initiative.

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