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The 7 Main Benefits of South Florida IT Support Services

The 7 Main Benefits of South Florida IT Support Services

A recent study from the International Data Corporation (IDC) shows that for every 100 users, a managed service provider (MSP) saves companies up to $400,000 a year. Yet, despite these gains, many small to medium-sized business owners are still reticent to adopt managed IT solutions because of the recurrent monthly costs.

To put the value of a managed IT service into perspective, an understanding of where these savings come from is crucial. While it is true that businesses must absorb a fixed monthly fee with IT services in South Florida, the proactive nature of managed IT solutions means your company is rarely offline. Indeed, downtime prevention is one of several key areas where business owners find the most ROI after partnering with a reputable managed service provider.

If your internal IT department is struggling with a skills gap or you are simply having trouble finding the right talent, consider these 7 primary benefits of switching to a managed IT services model:

1. Holistically streamlined operations

When you have continuous, 24-hour monitoring, data storage, network management, and information security under a single roof, your managed service provider is solely responsible for your technology requirements. There is no finger point or passing the blame onto other individual employees when your systems fail. If something goes wrong, your MSP handles the issue through various support levels, escalating the matter until it resolves.

2. Enhanced security and stability

Managed IT service providers give you a centralized remote platform for your applications and servers, ensuring continuous security and stability. Your apps and data are hosted in a virtual server environment and held to national and international security standards. South Florida businesses are, of course, more subject to weather disasters than other areas in the United States. If a hurricane strikes, you can rest assured that your essential business data is always stored safely with your IT support service.

3. Around-the-clock service

One of the primary benefits of forging a managed IT partnership is that they provide 24/7/365 monitoring and service. When your 9-5 staff go home, your IT requirements continue. On the other hand, managed service providers stay on the clock watching over your networks, detecting potential threats, and administering the necessary system maintenance. Managed IT support is one of the best defenses against growing cyber threats and drastically decreases the likelihood of unplanned system downtime.

4. Continuous regulatory compliance

The legal and regulatory compliance standards for securing sensitive customer data and consumer privacy are constantly changing. Business owners who maintain a significant footprint in e-commerce, retail, education, healthcare, and financial and legal services find themselves particularly exposed to these evolving compliance rules. Partnering with an MSP takes the burden of compliance off your shoulders. Trained experts continually review any new standards and controls, updating your security and privacy practices accordingly.

5. Employee productivity

As a company owner, you already know how technology improves productivity and can revolutionize your approach to conducting business. Managed IT services are just another technology-based tool to improve operational efficiency. IDC data reveals that for every 100 technology users, companies lose roughly $58,000 annually due to unplanned downtime. If you choose to retain your internal IT team and augment it with a co-managed solution, your in-house staff can stay focused on strategic initiatives without the added distractions.

6. Fixed technology expenses

Companies unaccustomed to recurrent technology expenses scarcely realize how much money they can save. Proactive IT prevents issues like malware which can lurk in your systems for a long time, while several other types of cyber attacks could prove disastrous. Your networks and infrastructure are just like any other technology. When you defer maintenance, the odds of you fixing problems later at an affordable cost are low if you can fix your systems at all.

7. Scalable solutions

The scalability of IT support services means you can control your costs and resources better than an in-house technology department. Managed service providers remain on the cutting through continuous training initiatives and upgrades to the latest leading software and infrastructure. You benefit from their specialized expertise at a low fixed monthly rate. And you won’t have to worry about expensive employee training or investing in pricey new hardware.

8. Access to immediate expert-level support

In today’s competitive business clime, there is little margin for error, and any disruption to productivity is expensive. An inexperienced IT department exposes your company to significant downtime. When you partner with a leading managed IT service like PCH Technologies, you substantially increase employee productivity because you have immediate access to several industry specialists who can solve your IT problems.

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