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Managed Services: The Top 3 Reasons to Partner a Reputable MSP

Managed Services: The Top 3 Reasons to Partner a Reputable MSP

Managed IT services have taken off in recent years. However, in many respects, these platforms are still widely underutilized and frequently misunderstood. This article explores what a managed service provider (MSP) is and whether or not partnering with one is the right path for your business. Below, we list three important reasons why you should consider partnering with an MSP and why PCH Technologies must be your first choice.

What are managed IT services?

When business leaders talk about a managed service, it can potentially suggest any number of business processes, from payroll and HR to network security and data storage. It’s essentially any business function delivered by a third party. A catch-all term for mostly non-revenue generating administration tasks, managed services usually refers to the tasks associated with fulfilling your IT requirements.

You can outsource your IT needs under the fully-managed platform or opt for a co-managed solution that works alongside your in-house technology department. An MSP facilitates specific aspects of your IT like network monitoring and security, infrastructure management, and system maintenance and administration.

So, why are so many small businesses using managed services to deliver their IT services? The IT service industry has grown considerably in the last decade, and the countless IT challenges brought about by the global health crisis only exacerbated its most recent growth. Over the next five years, the international market for IT service providers is expected to double from roughly $200 billion to over $400 billion.

Managed IT services benefit small to mid-sized companies in countless ways. Let’s explore a few of the most common benefits business owners unlock after partnering with an MSP:

How companies benefit from professional IT services

If you are on the fence about whether or not a managed IT provider or managed security service can add value to your business, below are a few proven benefits an MSP can bring to your organization. Even if you’re on different pages in just a few isolated areas, this can result in devastating losses to process efficiency, information security, and overall productivity.

1. A clear IT strategy

Business departments frequently find themselves disconnected from their IT teams. More often than not, this disjunct results in a less than developed IT plan. Companies often mistakenly assume that engaging a managed service means replacing your existing IT department or, at a minimum, filling a complete void in some aspect of their business.

On the contrary, companies with robust existing internal technology services benefit substantially after partnering with an MSP. Once the MSP completes a comprehensive analysis of your systems, their teams work tirelessly to amend system vulnerabilities and provide reliably high levels of expertise to address any IT obstacle you encounter.

Selecting the right managed partner is imperative, however. Thoroughly researching a prospective MSP or MSSP partner is, therefore, crucial. Not all managed services provide the same benefits. So, it is essential that you verify the MSP or MSSP services can manage your mission-critical applications like ERPs, CRPs, and other mission-critical applications. Ask your vendor how quickly they can restore your system if a problem should arise and how the MSP would handle system monitoring and other issues like hardware failures.

2. Better response times and faster troubleshooting

Even the best IT departments eventually encounter a technical issue they can’t resolve. As companies grow and the problems become more complex, the more hangups like this are bound to plague your organization. When your in-house IT staff hits the ceiling on a technical matter, it isn’t just a frustration point for your employees. The extended downtime could cost you tens of thousands of dollars and can even put your organization’s immediate viability on the line.

Top 10 managed security service providers like PCH Technologies ensure that you have access to a dedicated team of expert technicians 24/7/365, working exclusively on your business. You can delegate all your IT requirements to us. We can have all your IT issues resolved in days instead of weeks or months, and we provide industry-leading guidance on topics like business continuity and long-term strategic growth plans.

3. More efficient workforce

Smaller companies can endure rapid and sometimes unexpected increases in customer demand. Among the most common growing pains associated with this enviable problem is a dispersed workforce, working either from home or various office locations, that is almost impossible to coordinate. Granting remote access, keeping your data secure, and the endless stream of IT help desk request tickets can cause major headaches for small business owners.

We offer flexible service models tailored to your specific business needs to put you back in control of your IT infrastructure. We supply end-to-end solutions to resolve the most complex IT problems, wherever your employees work. Ranked among the most trusted managed service providers, PCH Technologies delivers the full range of IT and MSSP services.

If rapid growth is taxing your already work-stressed in-house IT department, our company can help. Call (856) 754-7500 now to learn more about the countless benefits managed IT brings to the table.