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The Future of Voice Assist and its Impact on Business

The Future of Voice Assist and its Impact on Business

There was a time when voice-controlled technology was considered to be science fiction. In fact, it wasn’t even all that long ago. However, this kind of technology has exploded in popularity in recent years. AI-driven assistants like Alexa and Siri (easily the two most popular ones) allow a person to get a lot done without using their hands. Let’s look at the ways in which this tech is likely to change and continue affecting life and business in the future.

The Wake-Words Will Be Used Less

At present, voice-assisted devices will normally require a “wake word” to let them know that someone is talking to them. You have to use this word every time you address them, and that is a minor annoyance. For instance, if you are telling it to look up the weather forecast, it would be nice if you only had to say the wake word at the start of the conversation. Thankfully, there are some newer devices that can do this, and we expect that this little improvement will become standard in the near future.

This Technique Will Be Used To Help The Disabled More Often

There are plenty of people who have to deal with crippling physical disabilities that make routine daily tasks very hard. For these people, voice-assisted control devices are a natural fit and a great relief. As this kind of tech becomes more and more widely available, it’s hard to imagine that they won’t come up with something specifically for the disabled.

And, of course, we might also mention the elderly. Even if they are in good health for their age, they just don’t have as much energy as a younger person. Not only that, but they are more likely to hurt themselves from too much exertion. For them, voice-assisted technology is also a natural fit.

A Wider Variety Of Compatible Devices Will Emerge

One thing about any market is the fact that it abhors a vacuum. Business mirrors nature in this respect, and that is why a void in the market will usually tend to be filled quickly. Right now, voice-assisted control devices are a relatively new phenomenon, and also one that has not been fully utilized. As these things become more and more ubiquitous, you can bet that a wider variety of compatible devices will appear on the market.

We already see the beginning of this trend at present. There are already various appliances and electronic devices that can be remotely controlled with a voice module, but these are specialty products that have never caught on in the mainstream. However, we predict that the situation will change before long.

Privacy Concerns Will Need To Be Addressed

Although many people have found these voice-controlled devices to be a great asset in many ways, there is one big problem. The kinds of smart devices that use voice-assist are just one step (or one hack) away from being a surveillance device. Obviously, the authorities could use them to gather data on private activities within your home. If you’re like most people, you probably aren’t running any criminal enterprises out of your house, but no one likes to have their privacy invaded.

We predict that this issue will need to be addressed before these technologies can really make the jump from niche products to being indispensable parts of daily life. A lot of people look at these devices as potential spy devices, and there have been cases where hackers have taken control of them and used them as such. The security flaws will also need to be addressed more adequately before this tech can rise any higher.

Voice-Activated Payment Will Become A Thing

It is extremely likely that voice-activated payment will become a reality before long. While nothing of this kind has become commonplace just yet, the concept is being developed by several companies around the world. Obviously, heavy encryption would need to be used in order to keep passwords and the like from being compromised. Still, this idea is so quick and convenient that it’s hard to imagine it won’t become a reality within the coming year. That is going to have some interesting implications for any business that chooses to accept these forms of payment.


We should mention that the above are just predictions, and that things could change in many other ways as well. However, one can often tell the future by looking at the trends of the present. If the present trends are any indicator, voice-assisted devices will continue to become more common in the coming year.

At the same time, there are still a few small issues holding their popularity back. If these things can be dealt with, we would predict that this technology is going to forever change the way we interface with the things we invent. If we have enlightened you on the details of this fascinating subject, we hope that you will show your appreciation by filling out the contact form.