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The Phandemic Krew vs. NBA Microsoft Teams Together Mode

The Phandemic Krew vs. NBA Microsoft Teams Together Mode

Happy Tuesday, everyone! This week in Tuesday with Tim, I’ll be talking about everyone’s favorite pastime – Philadelphia Sports.

Every year, there is always some overlap with each of the sports teams, and this Summer is no different. However, the Phillies, 76ers, and Flyers all finishing their seasons in the middle of a Pandemic? Now that’s something new for all of us!

Of course, we want everyone to be safe and healthy. Still, it does feel a bit strange watching sports with an empty stadium, especially the Flyers who have made the number one seed in the 2020 Stanley Cup playoffs. Unfortunately, we can’t be there to show our support. However, some Philadelphia fans are improvising!

They call themselves the “Phandemic Krew” and set up shop outside of Citizens Bank Park, fully equipped with ladders, airhorns, and of course, face masks. From the park’s outskirts, they can cheer on the Phillies and heckle the other team, in true Philadelphia style. Even one of our own, Chris Civatte, better known at the “Bad Rapper” on 94 WIP, has taken part in this soon to be a new tradition!

So, what about other options that make watching sports feel a little more “normal”? The NBA has recently come up with an idea of how to help, which could be a thoughtful solution for all sports.

Teaming up with the NBA, Microsoft Teams just came out with a new AI Software called “Together Mode” that allows fans to be on a 17-foot-tall screen with other fans around the country. They will all share the same background to make it look and feel like they are in the stadium.

Of course, this has nothing on being in a crowd of Philly fans, but we are working with what we got! This AI software can help us cheer (and boo) in real-time and make the players feel more at home.

So now you know that you have options, you can join Chris and the “Phandemic Krew” or use Together Mode to enjoy this Summer of sports – your pick!