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Today is Tuesday, July 28th…and it is HOT!

Today is Tuesday, July 28th…and it is HOT!

It’s a Heatwave

Welcome to today’s Tuesday w/ Tim

Boy, is it a hot one out there!

I suggest that while you’re reading, you hit play on this video, and crank up the volume (after the ad of course), I promise you’ll be done reading before it’s over!

So, where was I at, oh…whoa it’s hot and humid!!!

Computers and networks LOVE this weather, I’m joking. 😂

With all this heat and everyone running their A/C, electrical problems happen. With your team working from home now more than ever before, this is a problem.

Think about it, your customer service, sales, and/or support teams work from home. Chances are that they live all over the place. Power goes out, the internet goes out. One or two people are down, BAM! – your productivity has slowed, or worse case – stopped! I.T.’s not just them, let’s say the internet is down or super slow because the next “Tiger King” has everyone streaming simultaneously, that stuff happens when your team is working from home – not so much from the office.

So what can you do? Redundancy. Back up power. Battery back up. Remote Hot Spots. All good stuff.

Redundancy is always right. Having your teamwork from a cloud, with continuous backup, helps when members of your team can’t get online. Their work is available and shared with other workers…that helps with productivity.

Backup power, like a generator, is a little more expensive, but having a battery back up for team members isn’t. When power does go down, they don’t lose what they are working on. Coupling that with working from the cloud could save you hours of work and communication.

As far as connecting when the internet is down, it’s generally slow and a bit clunky, but it can happen. Most phones actually can be a remote hotspot – it uses your cellular data, but it can keep things moving when necessary. It is pretty straightforward but different for most phones. You can generally google your phone brand and model, and you’ll get an answer.

The heat can cause some trouble, but it’s also a great time to take an extra-long lunch or leave the office early and catch some rays for yourself, with the one you love, your pet, and/or your kids…not necessarily in that order.

Stay cool, or better yet…find out more at here.

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