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What Does Cisco Meraki Do?

What Does Cisco Meraki Do?

Today’s technology has more sophistication than ever for small to medium-sized businesses. A network setup requires more expertise than ever before. Even the network for a small business will include various clouds, firewalls, WiFi routers, apps, firewalls, and users who will use various devices like laptops, PCs and mobile devices. Managing a complex network often devours hours of your time and much of your resources. That’s where Cisco Meraki comes in to help.

What Does Cisco Meraki Do?

Cisco Meraki is a cloud-managed IT support company that lets you configure security for devices, switches, routers, firewalls and WiFi networks that your company will use through browsers.

People choose this system because it gives you an efficient and convenient way to configure your company’s whole network. You don’t need to manage everything individually which will take far more time.

Instead, Cisco Meraki integrates everything into a single platform where you can update and configure all your software from a single endpoint.

Exploring Cisco Meraki: Brochures, Licensing, and More

Take a look at the following brochures to learn more about Cisco Meraki’s products and services:

What Do They Use Cisco Meraki For? (What Is Cisco Meraki Used For?)

Most commonly, small to medium-sized businesses will use Cisco Meraki for networks, remote offices and outdoor areas in need of network connectivity. The biggest advantage of Cisco Meraki support is that you don’t need to access a specific device to control and configure devices because everything happens through the cloud.

Secure and Trusted

Cisco has earned a reputation as the best in the business for EPP, EDR and cloud-level protection algorithms. The company has existed since 1984, and all its products, including Cisco Meraki support, were designed with security in mind. You can trust this brand because of its longstanding history in the technology sector.

Get More Time to Focus on What Matters

How much time do you waste in pointless management? For every 100 employees, organizations lose about $1.7 million to time-wasting. Let’s say that your organization has 2,000 employees. You lose $34 million to time-wasting every year. You want to set up your technology so that you lose less time and work more effectively. You want to be able to focus on your business and customers without interruption.

The Licensing is Simple

Anyone who has ever been in the IT industry for a reasonable time understands how the licensing models differ greatly. Meraki licensing eliminates the unnecessary, and it keeps everything simple. With every managed network device, you will only require a single Meraki Dashboard license. This license will let you manage your software from the device. They include technical support with the purchase of the license.

Meraki is also simple to get up and running. You can deploy it easily, and all you need to do is log in, and you can manage your settings quickly. The other great thing about Meraki is that there’s little to no learning curve. You don’t spend time wrestling with this technology to learn it.

Scale It as Needed

One of the great things about Meraki is that you can scale it up as needed. Meraki’s architecture has built-in scalability and centralized management. You receive unlimited throughput, and there are no bottlenecks with this system. To put the scale into perspective, the maximum scale that it will support for a single organization is 25,000 devices. That gives you plenty of room to scale up or down as needed.

The Best Things About Meraki

Let’s say that you would like to open a new office in Miami. You come from Boston, but you’d like to open a new office. Now, switching the technology over to a new office would normally prove a time-consuming hassle. However, Meraki gives you the convenience of copying the configuration from your Boston office over to your Miami office. It maybe takes several clicks, but it will save you hours at the computer.

You can clone device configuration as well to keep your network consistent throughout. Meraki will also give you the ability to build a topology map for your network, which eliminates those outdated maps that you had to depend on in the past.

Great Choice for a Small Business

An estimated 90 percent of all Meraki customers report savings in time and resources. What do small businesses suffer from the most? They have a limited amount of time and resources. All of your IT needs get met from one dashboard, which simplifies your IT. Meraki works so well for small businesses because it eliminates time wasting to a larger extent.

You can prioritize your business-critical apps and keep bandwidth hogs from slowing down your network. Meraki Go was specifically designed for small businesses that want a do-it-yourself network solution that is also cloud-based.

Meraki may not give you the same level of power as advanced Cisco technologies, but it gets you most of the way there. For a small business, you may not even need all the extra advanced technologies, at least not in the beginning.

Learn more about wireless solutions by Cisco Meraki:

Help with the Hybrid Work Model

Today, we see a hybrid work model where you mix office work and remote work. This offers both flexibility and support for employees who will enjoy a better work-life balance and feel more engaged. Unfortunately, this can create challenges for a business’s IT and keeping routers, switches and firewalls all secure.

With Cisco Meraki, you can secure all devices from a single platform, which makes it much easier for you. Since the pandemic, remote work has exploded because companies have also found how work-from-home opportunities can save companies money on the cost of an office.


At PCH Technologies, we would recommend that people use Cisco Meraki, especially small to medium-sized businesses. You may at least find it advantageous to give it a try and see if it works for you. It was meant to add to your convenience as a business owner to give you savings in time and resources. If you’d like to learn more about Cisco Meraki, you can call us today at (856) 754-7500.