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What Is Managed Cloud?

What Is Managed Cloud?

It is easy to see why many businesses are eagerly embracing the cloud. Just as most businesses rushed to embrace the internet age, most of them are equally ready to embrace its next frontier. That being said, cloud management is not necessarily an easy task. There is a relative shortage of people who are proficient in its usage, and many of the best cloud experts are already employed. With that being the case, you might already be considering the use of managed cloud services. For those who are considering the use of these services, let’s explain what they are and how they work.

What Are Managed Cloud Services?

As the name implies, these are online services that are purchased through third-party vendors. When you pay for managed cloud services, you are paying experts to manage your cloud environment on an ongoing basis. Their responsibilities might include anything from migration to security (and anything else related to the cloud). As with managed security services, the whole point is to outsource an important function to a group of qualified experts.

What Do These People Actually Do?

Before hiring a managed cloud provider (or MCP for short), it’s a good idea to know what they normally do. This will help you to evaluate your provider and choose the best one for you. Depending on the nature of your cloud setup, a managed provider can actually do quite a lot of things. Of course, each plan is customized, so you can choose which functions you want them to perform.

First of all, an MCP will maintain constant monitoring on the cloud network. This is useful for security and compliance purposes, as it allows you to detect a breach and act more quickly to deal with its effects. Apart from that, good monitoring helps to maintain an efficient and high-performing network by ensuring that problems get fixed as soon as possible.

Secondly, a cloud provider will manage all data related to the cloud. This is where it is very important to hire only reputable personnel. Otherwise, sensitive data could be compromised. As we always tell people, don’t put your most sensitive data into the cloud at all…it just isn’t a good idea. Still, a reputable MCP can really help to streamline your operations through efficient data management.

Other common MCP services include:

  • Updating and maintenance of operating systems
  • Management of numerous virtual machines at the same time
  • Backup services
  • System architecture management and advice
  • Disaster recovery (if necessary)
  • Database management/maintenance
  • Management of all cloud-based web applications
  • Various types of testing and fine-tuning

Why People Choose Managed Cloud Services

Although there will always be those who choose to go the DIY route, managed cloud services are becoming the more popular choice. Here are a few of the reasons for that trend.

1. Saving Money

Although this might not always be the case, managed cloud services do tend to be cheaper. This is because of the high cost of running your own network infrastructure. Yes, you could just get your IT people to set up some servers and create a customized cloud network. However, there is one big problem with that: Once you’ve created it, it’s your baby. As such, you are responsible for providing all that it needs.

By contrast, managed cloud services allow you to cover everything in one monthly bill. If the cloud servers go down, that’s not your problem. If the network needs to be upgraded with new hardware, that’s not your problem. Your MCP will have to take care of those things, making your monthly expenses both lower and more predictable.

2. No Need For Specialized Training

Like all other professionals, IT workers tend to have particular skill sets. If their skill set does not include competent cloud management, they will then have to be trained. While it makes sense to invest in the creation of better workers, all that specialized training can be expensive, both in terms of time and money. When you opt for an MCP service, you are getting access to people that are already qualified to do the job.

3. Security Advantages

Some people say the cloud is inherently insecure, but it’s all about the details. An unsecured cloud network is indeed very bad, as it presents a wide-open doorway for a potential attacker. However, a properly configured and competently managed cloud network is as secure as any other. When you go with an MCP service, you can be much more confident in the security of your network. A tech company is going to be much more aware of the global cybersecurity situation, making it easier for them to detect problems and threats. Besides, it can also be good to have someone with whom to share some liability!

Transparency Is Of The Utmost Importance

When you are evaluating an MCP company, transparency is the most important factor. As we said earlier, your MCP will be able to see some of your data. Depending on how the network is laid out, they might be able to see all the data on the network. Thus, you need to make sure that nothing shady is happening.

An honest and professional MCP company should be willing to give you records of anything they have done, and all promises should be solidified in writing or some other formal agreement. If your MCP doesn’t seem willing to let you peek behind the curtain, something is wrong. Remember: It’s your data and your private network, so you have every right to demand complete transparency.


Managed cloud services provide organizations with the ability to create a well-run cloud network, even if they don’t have the expertise to create such networks or to maintain them. It is another online service that outsources specialized tasks to those who possess specialized skills. If you are looking for high-quality managed cloud services, you can always call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.