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Why Businesses Should Adopt Managed Cloud Security Services

Why Businesses Should Adopt Managed Cloud Security Services

Some people have hailed the cloud as the next level of the internet, and that assessment is not without basis. The cloud does indeed offer a greater degree of interconnection and convenience in some ways, and that is why many businesses have started utilizing it for their business networks. If nothing else, being able to access the same resources from multiple locations is a great benefit, as it allows for uniform performance and usability across many devices. However, the cloud can also come with some dangers, which is why many companies choose to adopt managed cloud security services.

Online Security Is Incredibly Crucial For Businesses

If you are going to run a business, whether large or small, you have to think about the possibility of theft. We live in a digital age, and so many criminals have adopted digital methods instead of the old-fashioned physical methods of the past. Would you leave the doors of your business unlocked at night? Of course not. In like manner, you cannot afford to leave your business without strong protections against cyber-attack.

The following is not meant as a slight against law enforcement, but you cannot always trust that they will protect you from cyber threats. Borders and issues of jurisdiction will often make it very hard to prosecute digital criminals, as they are often smart enough to carry out their scams outside their country of residence. According to this research, only about 4-5% of hackers actually get caught. While you certainly need to inform law enforcement in the event of a cyber-attack, private services can do a better job of protecting you from them.

Security Monitoring Becomes Easier When Outsourced

There are a lot of ways in which you can monitor the transfer of data across your business network. This data is constantly flowing in the form of small files called “packets.” If you’ve ever wondered how the internet can deliver so much content to so many people, it works by breaking that data up into small units like these. Apart from that, monitoring these data packets can give you a very effective way to detect suspicious activity and shut it down.

Paying your hourly employees to monitor packet flow is not going to be practical for most people, as you would have to pay people on a 24/7 schedule. On the other hand, a third-party cloud security provider can handle all of these things without hourly costs. Everything will be covered by a monthly fee, so you can get round-the-clock monitoring without sending your labor costs through the roof. In the free-flowing environment of the cloud, good monitoring really is your surest defense.

Good Cybersecurity Requires The Right People

It would be somewhat accurate to say that cybersecurity is like a game of chess. The attacker makes moves and cybersecurity professionals try to counter those moves. It doesn’t always happen in real-time like in a chess game but the comparison holds true. So, what happens if you have an incompetent chess player? The answer is simple: He will lose quickly.

Employing top-tier cybersecurity people can be difficult because there just aren’t enough of those people out there. These are specialized skills that require years of study and regular re-education, so the demand for such professionals far exceeds the supply. For this reason, it is much more practical for top-level cybersecurity people to service multiple companies. When you employ a third-party cloud security provider, you can get the right people at a much lower cost.

The Cloud Can Be Less Secure

Some people will tell you that the cloud is inherently less secure when compared to a normal network. While these criticisms are not without basis, a cloud network can be just as secure as any other kind. A cloud network must be configured and managed properly. Otherwise, it really does become a security risk. Without the right people, it becomes a lot harder to configure and manage that network in a secure way. Cloud security providers can do a lot to ensure that your cloud network is working as it should.

It’s important to understand that most cyber-attacks begin with a simple con. Hackers will use all sorts of methods to trick people into giving away their login credentials. After all, you don’t have to hack someone if you can trick them into giving you the necessary information. Unfortunately, these kinds of tricks are often effective because people aren’t aware of the danger. In this regard, the cloud is really no less secure than a standard network. The danger of being “phished” will always be there.

Disaster Recovery

A managed cloud security provider will do more than just configure your cloud network and provide simple monitoring. In the event that a security issue does arise, whether it’s a cyber-attack, an accidental breach, or anything else, your cloud security provider can help you to respond quickly and decisively.

One thing your security provider should provide is a secure backup service. By giving you a way to back up your data in a secure location, you are effectively isolating that data from anyone who attacks you. Unless they hack your cloud security provider at the same time and seek out that specific information (highly unlikely), your data backup will be safe. This is especially important if you should be targeted by ransomware, as a full data backup gives you the ability to ignore the ransom demand.


Managed cloud security services are a great tool for any business that frequently uses the cloud. As we explained earlier, the cloud can be less secure, but only if it isn’t used correctly. As with any new technology, there are those who seek to exploit the cloud structure and use it for criminal purposes. Thankfully, there are also plenty of intelligent professionals with the means and the intelligence to stop them. If you are in need of people like that, you can always call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.