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Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses in Florida

Why Cloud Computing Is Ideal for Small Businesses in Florida

It seems as if everyone is moving to the cloud, and businesses are no exception. The cloud really is the next evolution of the internet, allowing for a greater degree of connectivity and convenience. If you have wondered why cloud computing has become so popular, that is the reason. However, that is not the whole story. Cloud computing is an ideal option for small businesses, whether you reside in Florida or anywhere else. Let’s talk about the factors that make cloud computing so helpful.

Cloud Computing Eliminates Most It Hardware Expenses

This factor should be discussed first because it is the most important one. Small businesses usually operate on a tighter budget, especially when they are in the startup phase. Unless you have some very generous financial backers, you will need to find relatively cheap solutions for your IT needs. That’s where the cloud really shines.

When you set up a cloud computing plan, you won’t have to invest money in your own servers. You also won’t have to purchase so much “extra” IT equipment like routers and cables. The cloud can be used to provide all those resources remotely. A cloud provider will have you using one of its servers, and all its physical hardware will already be in place. Instead of going through a setup phase, you can just put the matter in someone else’s hands.

Cloud Computing Offers Software Options

When you go with a cloud plan, you will also be using cloud applications, which will be provided by your cloud provider. These applications come in many forms and can serve many purposes. In fact, many companies will even create a custom cloud application for your specific needs. Any application that can be delivered directly can also be delivered via the cloud.

This kind of thing can really be a money saver because of a little thing called software subscriptions. A lot of the best software on the market today must be renewed on a yearly basis, meaning that you have to keep paying for use of the software. That bill might not be too bad for a single person, but a company can end up spending a lot of money on software subscriptions if they aren’t careful. Cloud applications give you a great way to reduce those expenses since their cost will be bundled with the cost of your overall monthly plan.

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Cloud Computing Saves Money On Specialized Labor

We already mentioned the fact that you can save money on equipment costs by using the cloud. In fact, that is one of the primary benefits thereof. There is another benefit that goes along with that, however. When you aren’t maintaining a dedicated server or server room, you don’t have to pay anyone to fix or maintain the machines. Not only does this save money, but it also saves time for any in-house IT workers you might have. You want them to be freed up for the big problems, as opposed to getting tied down all day long with minor maintenance tasks.

Cloud Computing Gives Users Greater Accessibility

One of the best things about the cloud is its use of a consistent mobile desktop. Small businesses don’t have as much office space in general, so you never know where you might need to work. Working from home will be more frequent for small business owners and employees, and they will also be more likely to use outside networks (like the Wi-Fi at a restaurant, for instance).

The great thing about the cloud is that it will provide users with the same desktop, the same resources, and the same functionality that they would get in the office. Being able to access the full range of resources on the go is something that can surely increase productivity and efficiency. If you have a lot of remote workers, this factor will be exceptionally important to you.

Cloud Computing Can Improve Your Security

Many people say that the cloud is not secure, but it all depends on you. A cloud network, if configured improperly, can become a security risk. The same convenience and accessibility that make it a boon to businesses can also make it a boon to criminals. However, when configured properly, a cloud network can be just as safe as any other. In fact, there can even be certain advantages to be gained.

Cloud computing allows for faster disaster recovery, as the entire computing environment is hosted on an external machine. Unless that source machine is compromised, you can just turn everything off, wipe any malware that might be present, and just re-load the entire system. Cloud computing can also make it easier to monitor your network for intrusion. Most cloud computing plans will include the option of a network monitoring service, allowing you to increase your security in a big way.


In many ways, the cloud really is ideal for small businesses. It gives these smaller players a way to obtain better IT service and performance at a fraction of the normal cost. Since your cloud provider has already invested in all that infrastructure, as well as hiring and training the right people, you won’t have to bother with that. If you are looking for managed service providers in Florida who can provide you with a custom-made cloud network, we would recommend calling PCH Technologies at (844) 754-7500.


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