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Why Does Your Business Need Security Awareness Training?

Why Does Your Business Need Security Awareness Training?

Some would say that an employee is only as good as their training, and we tend to agree. On the topic of cybersecurity, education is that much more important because you have to be able to outsmart potential attackers. That requires a person to be well-informed, and there really is no way around the fact. If you feel that your organization is at risk, it never hurts to invest some time and resources in security awareness training. Here are a few of the reasons for which people employ such services.

1. Easier To Avoid Common Threats

We have often been surprised at the way high-level organizations will often fall prey to low-level scams. Most of us receive scam attempts in our emails and text messages on a regular basis, and most of us know to avoid them. Still, even some of these basic tricks have managed to compromise very large and affluent companies. This is because the cybersecurity of an organization will only be as good as its least conscientious member.

Many hacking attacks start with a little bit of phishing, a trick that involves using fake links and fake pages. By using these, they can get an unsuspecting user to input their login credentials, which are then captured. This is just one example of how one unwary person can sink the entire ship. This same trick can be used with text messages and many other forms of communication.

2. Cybersecurity Awareness Training Saves Money

Cybersecurity awareness training will normally cost a little bit of money, but those costs are quite minimal when compared with the cost of the average data breach. These things can cost thousands or even millions per day (just depending on how much business your company does per day). The damage that can be done to one’s reputation might be even greater.

We might also mention the cost of data recovery, which also isn’t cheap. Any way you slice it, preparation is always cheaper and easier than recovery. The numbers vary from source to source, but this one estimates that the average cost of a data breach (in total) is about 3.8 million dollars. With that kind of money at stake, the costs of security awareness training become very worthwhile.

3. Greater Confidence On All Fronts

It is always important for a company or other organization to maintain the confidence of its customers, employees, and investors. Without that, stress levels tend to be higher, and problems tend to be magnified as a result. This is because people understand that they are likely to lose their job if they fall victim to a cyber-scam of some kind. That risk creates an environment of fear and worry, which is never conducive to much of anything good.

When it comes to your investors, this factor is all the more important. Investors will be much more likely to back your ideas if they have confidence in your ability to protect the company’s gains. Most would agree that investors want transparency and honesty above all, and that includes matters of cybersecurity. Naturally, their concerns will have real ramifications for all involved. Cybersecurity awareness training gives them assurances that this matter is being addressed in a competent manner.

4. The Threat Landscape Is Always Changing

Even if a person has some limited understanding of cybersecurity, that knowledge is likely to be outdated. After all, hackers and their opponents in the cybersecurity sector are constantly trying to outsmart one another. That leads to a web of tangled facts and procedures that the average person just can’t navigate. That is why there will always be a need for continued vigilance and training on this front.

There were nearly ten billion recorded malware attacks in 2019 alone. By the time 2020 is through, we are likely to see those numbers increase again (as they have done in recent years). Here is the thing: All software has a certain signature, and security software like antivirus and firewalls can filter based on those signatures. Unfortunately, signature-based filtering has not proven to be the best method because it is so easy for hackers to change them. That’s why the human factor will always be of crucial importance.

Methods Of Cybersecurity Awareness Training

There are a number of ways in which you can go about the process of training your staff. A traditional “sitting in a classroom” method is one of these, but not everyone is capable of learning well in such an environment. A lot of people find it to be boring and reminiscent of school classes that they might not wish to remember. Of course, this model does have certain advantages, but it is not the only answer.

Online training is also a great way to do things, as it offers a greater degree of convenience for everyone involved. Much of the stress that comes from group learning is eliminated, and people gain the ability to do their training at their own pace. Instead of setting a certain date and time, you can just give them a link and a deadline.

You can also do things in a more unconventional way if you so desire. You can get your IT department to set up regular and randomized phishing tests. Basically, you get the IT people to send phishing emails to your employees. Why would you do this? To see how they react and whether or not they are able to detect the scam. If not, you can use it as an opportunity for further education. You can even offer incentives for those who successfully pass the test.


With so many cyber-threats out there, it just doesn’t pay to leave any gaps in your defense. Because the human element is so often exploited by bad actors, it represents one of the most important loopholes to close. If you would like to know more about arranging cybersecurity training, you can call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.