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What Cisco Meraki Wireless Can Do for Your Organization

What Cisco Meraki Wireless Can Do for Your Organization

Technology continues to amaze us. The way businesses operate and profit was greatly influenced for the better when marketplace entered the online realm. Companies today can connect directly with their end-users of products or software, monitor what people are saying about them through the use of social media, and even provide valuable technological support through the use and development of software and applications that make this world a faster, more efficient place.

That next technological wave is coming, and it’s called 5G.

Is Your Business Prepared for Greater Speeds with 5G?

We may still be in the middle of the 4G revolution on mobile devices, in-home, and business wireless networks and the superfast speeds it provides – but that doesn’t mean something better isn’t right around the corner. Are you prepared for the next generation of speed, and security risks as a result of that increased capability, with 5G?

Here are the top concerns facing companies with 5G on the horizon:

  • Diameter signaling vulnerabilities
  • IP-based protection of networks
  • Not understanding the challenges of these changes

Regardless of whether you are currently equipped for 5G or not, there is a solution and PCH Technologies has a dedicated team to assist you with the transition.

Benefits That PCH Technologies Provide with Cisco Meraki Wireless

The single largest benefit provided with Cisco Meraki Wireless is the centralized management dashboard. This dashboard, and the accompanying systems manager, as your central hub for all things network management. Not only is it easy to use, but you are able to monitor the overall health of your network 24/7/365 – literally.

The core benefits the Cisco Meraki Business Wireless Solution are:

  • Automatic updates, upgrades, and it’s always on
  • A centralized management dashboard created with the end-user in mind
  • Top-of-line unique encryption security

A Leader in Business Wireless Solutions

PCH Technologies has been working with clients for over a decade and has a proven team of IT professionals that are dedicated to protecting businesses and helping them effectively manage their entire network infrastructure with Cisco Meraki Business Wireless Solutions.

The benefits are obvious:

  • Reduced burden for IT management personnel
  • Anywhere, anytime access to accommodate your mobile workforce
  • Built-in, multi-site management
  • Automatic monitoring and custom alerts
  • Future proof with automatic updating

When you’re ready to have a conversation about how your company can gain a competitive edge with Cisco Meraki Business Wireless Solutions, PCH Technologies professionals will be available to speak with you.

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