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How Managed IT Services Are a Fundamental Extension of Your Florida Business

How Managed IT Services Are a Fundamental Extension of Your Florida Business

If you are unfamiliar with IT outsourcing, the service ranks among the top resources available to business owners who need to keep their systems running securely, 24 hours a day without interruption. IT outsourcers, also known as managed service providers (MSP), is a third-party IT supplier that assumes either complete responsibility for your IT or a defined set of technology services through a co-managed solution.

An MSP offers a strategic pathway for enhancing your IT operations through more streamlined processes, consistent and dependable support, and better overall productivity. Companies of all sizes from every business sector can benefit from a partnership with a reputable MSP.

In fact, the managed IT service provider industry has grown considerably in recent years, with more companies utilizing the service than ever. This sharp increase observed from recent surveys shows that this trend is new, emerging in just the last few years, and it is primarily attributable to the ongoing migration to a cloud-based workflow.

New technologies like cloud servers and remote data storage have undeniably encouraged more collaboration between businesses and managed IT providers. These services put companies on a faster growth path while improving your general escalation processes and remote worker IT support. Modern business technology systems demand continuous monitoring to manage network threats, prevent viruses, and eliminate network outages.

Above all, companies should expect to reduce their overall IT expenditures after partnering with a managed service provider. Hiring specialized talent in a tight labor market is both time-consuming and expensive. In most cases, deploying a managed IT solution will be the most reliable and cost-effective business decision.

IT outsourcers bring a range of specialized talent to your workforce, each with unique skill sets that you can utilize at any stage of your company’s development. When businesses externalize their technology requirements to an MSP, they benefit from low, fixed monthly technology expenses. And you never have to worry about covering for your key employees when they’re out of the office.

How can PCH Technologies help your business?

In the past, IT outsourcers have focused on one area of service to keep your business efficient while maintaining their own profitability. This is primarily due to the fact that sustaining the level of expertise required to deliver multiple services to a client is challenging. Therefore, in previous years, MSPs concentrated on a single area of your business where they could provide the most expertise and support.

Cloud-based solutions, however, have changed the way IT service providers manage your business. While many MSPs, including PCH Technologies, offer onsite IT services, the cloud enables them to manage your requirements remotely. This means that the physical location of your provider is, for the most part, an insignificant factor. Nowadays, the principal consideration for those evaluating managed IT services for the first time is whether or not the provider can support multiple aspects of your business IT.

Here are just a few services we provide:

  • End-user support – this is accomplished through a service desk or help desk support solution.
  • 24/7 network monitoring – Your managed IT provider can monitor your services, network, desktops, and other end-user devices for anomalies to prevent threats and other system interruptions.
  • Access to the latest technology – New technology is constantly rolling out, and supporting the necessary changes to IT is resource-intensive and easy to put on the back burner. MSPs help you keep up with ransomware protection software, Office 365 licensure, and upgrades in addition to backups and disaster recovery on the cloud
  • Onsite support – As mentioned, some IT outsourcers offer in-house support packages for services that the MSP can’t manage remotely.

The ultimate objective is to find a managed service provider that can effectively integrate with your business as if it were a solution you developed on your own in-house.

What are the benefits of hiring a managed service provider?

Managed IT suppliers spend most of their time monitoring and updating your systems while helping you acquire the appropriate software and hardware. Of course, your business benefits from this attentive service in several ways.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of them below:

  • Lower IT costs – Operating costs are rising fast. Outsourcing lets you externalize all your business IT functions. This lets you benefit from advanced expertise while cutting out the overhead associated with employing skilled technicians in-house.
  • Efficiency gains – The required maintenance for sustaining advanced IT infrastructure and software can be hard to manage. Reputable IT providers for small businesses ensure that your maintenance needs are always met with routine patching, backups, help desk support, and cybersecurity protection.
  • Increased network visibility – When you hire an MSP to monitor your systems continually, it’s easier to identify potential fail points and avert disaster before it ever happens.

Looking for managed IT services for small business?

PCH Technologies helps companies like yours adopt the latest IT solutions with cloud and data security services.

Learn more about how managed IT services can form an integral part of your company by reaching out to us online or dialing (856) 754-7500 to schedule your free discovery call now.

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The growing South Florida region includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm, creating an opportunity for PCH to fulfill the expanding needs of the market.

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