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Microsoft Strategic partnership

Partnering to Solve Your Business Challenges


PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


We have the experience and the resources to identify and solve your IT-related problems. That’s what IT consulting is—both simple and powerful.

Microsoft Certified Partner

Microsoft has established itself as a long-term player in the IT industry. Whether you have a small business or a quickly growing enterprise, you’ll likely be using some Microsoft products either locally or in the cloud.

PCH Technologies is a Microsoft Certified partner and Direct Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) which puts us in the perfect position to get you up and running with important Microsoft tools that can leverage existing infrastructure and give you the support to keep it all running.

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At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff.

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows 10 is the perfect operating system for all your basic business needs. Whether your online usage is strictly word processing and email, or you are building a massive network spanning the world, Windows 10 has all the tools you need and can be scaled as your business grows. Our support specialists can help you with day-to-day needs such as updates and troubleshooting but their expertise goes much deeper to help you get the most out of this modern, robust operating system.

Microsoft Office 365

Does your business keep you on the go? Do you need to keep things secure but also have freedom of remote access? Microsoft Office 365 might be just what you need. With tools including email, word processing, collaborating document editing and everything else you’ve gone to enjoy with the desktop offline Microsoft Office, Office 365 brings everything you need to wherever you happen to be. Configuring and securing Office 365 is however more complex than many might expect. Our technicians know the system inside and out and can keep it running smoothly.

Audit Your Existing Cyber Security Infrastructure

Close Any Gaps And Strengthen Security Measures And Processes

Carefully Monitor And Proactively Assist Your Security Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure

For information-based businesses, websites and servers are often a complicated capital cost. Aside from expensive technology, the staff needed to operate it can be prohibitive to new businesses. Microsoft Azure’s cloud based servers can host databases, websites and services and these can be scaled easily as your business grows. This in-depth level of expertise comes naturally to our trained and certified technicians.

Microsoft Server

For those who can’t do without the speed of dedicated servers, our team can help develop in-house Microsoft Server infrastructure that will meet the needs of any business. We do more than just set it up, we’ll keep it up to date and running, minimizing IT costs and overhead.

If you need help with your existing Microsoft products or would like to expand your operation into the cloud, fill out our contact form today and we’ll help you take your systems to the next level.

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