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The Benefits Of Network Security for your Florida Business Explained

The Benefits Of Network Security for your Florida Business Explained

Today’s business networks and infrastructure are more complex than ever, while the cybersecurity environment is constantly evolving, with new threats emerging each day. Cybercriminals have recently started targeting smaller companies at an alarming rate. These bad actors have even developed advanced software programs that continually scan the internet for businesses that display potentially exploitive weaknesses.

Network and system vulnerabilities are present in a variety of forms. Threats typically originate in your endpoints before they start corrupting your data, programs, and infrastructure. To help safeguard your critical business information and digital infrastructure, managed service providers have developed several network security software solutions and applications that detect specific threats and vulnerabilities while helping strictly regulated industries maintain better compliance.

Companies now hold more responsibility for handling sensitive customer information than they ever did in the past. Successfully safeguarding customer, internal proprietary, and employee data from bad actors is vital to the continued success of any organization. Your network security is the first line of defense against an increasingly aggressive threat environment that seeks to steal, misuse, and modify your critical data for the express purpose of financial gain.

Here, we explore in detail what network security is and why it’s important to Florida small businesses. We’ll discuss a few different network security solutions before highlighting how they might apply to your processes.

What is network security?

Network security describes any software solution, instrument, or device that was designed to protect your network and the data it houses. The best way to analogize network security is to think of it as a well-surveilled and guarded security fence around an expansive estate. Network security is like a barrier that helps you manage door access while preventing a host of potential threats from entering and dispersing across your grounds.

Industry-leading cybersecurity solutions from PCH Technologies protect connected business systems and networks from the initial attack. Viruses and criminal hackers seek to infiltrate your digital environment because they want to seize control of your essential files, documents, and business information to demand a ransom or instigate a data breach.

Robust network security usually begins with authenticating your employees’ system access with user names and passwords. Managed security providers, however, take additional steps to protect your digital environment by installing the latest firewalls, antivirus programs, and virtual private networks to prevent an information breach.

What are the benefits of network security?

Most modern companies have digitized themselves to some extent, even if only to keep themselves positioned competitively in their respective marketplaces. In addition, most of today’s consumers expect a well-streamlined virtual buying experience. If you’ve recently undergone a digital transformation, network security is probably at the top of your mind.

Network security offers an array of benefits that help protect your vital business data. The first advantage you’ll gain after partnering with a managed security service provider (MSSP) is that you’ll immediately minimize exposure to cyberattacks and other viral infections that lead to a breach. Many organizations find themselves increasingly challenged to determine what level of security they need, however.

Without outside consultation, establishing an acceptable level of digital security can be difficult, even for companies that support comprehensive, in-house IT departments and help desk services. MSSPs can help relieve most of the recurrent pain points of managing your security on-premises, starting with the high operating costs.

Cybersecurity isn’t just a matter of protecting your own digital assets. Frequently, it is your client’s computer systems the criminal hackers are targeting. Managed service providers have the tools and infrastructure in place to ensure your networks, files, and data aren’t subject to unauthorized access after a cyberattack. Advanced security software ensures your files remain infection-free throughout your highly connected and collaborative workplace.

Network security fundamentally keeps your most important business information safe from cyber-criminal threats. Under a reliable MSSP solution, your personal and confidential business materials remain shielded from unauthorized parties who present a long-lasting impact on your brand reputation if they gain access to your private data.

Managed service providers offer network protection that bolsters the security of companies subject to HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX, and NERC CIP regulatory standards. Failure to adhere to these strict guidelines could result in steep government fines and even more significant legal troubles. These are just a few reasons why MSSPs have become so critical to businesses operating in highly regulated industries.

MSSP solutions also help companies increase their margins by ensuring an optimally functioning network. Organizations won’t have to worry about sluggish performance and unplanned system downtime after partnering with a managed security provider.

A proactive approach to network security

Small business owners can no longer afford to be reactive when it comes to protecting their virtual and physical IT infrastructure from threats. The managed security as a service platform allows companies to respond to a network security problem faster and at a far lower cost than what it takes to achieve the same results with an in-house solution.

Managed security service providers can monitor your systems 24/7/365 for potential threats and take immediate steps to mitigate a security issue before it escalates into system downtime. If compliance is a critical factor, an outsourced network security system can enhance your regulatory compliance posture through streamlined, real-time access to valuable data during the audit process.

Identifying leading managed service providers in Florida

You have dozens of options for protecting your digital business assets in Florida, but few of these companies understand how to safeguard them against the latest threats.

Knowing which elements of your digital environment are vulnerable starts with a comprehensive risk assessment. We’ll help you establish your security priorities by identifying which data should be protected, where the information is housed and controlling who maintains authorized access to your confidential materials.

For more information on MSSP pricing and how network security can reduce costs and boost efficiency at your Florida small business, complete our request for contact form online or call PCH Technologies now at (856) 754-7500.