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Understanding the Common Misconceptions of Co-Managed IT

Understanding the Common Misconceptions of Co-Managed IT

Co-Managed IT service providers are notoriously confusing for business owners who handle their own IT and have never engaged the services of one before.

It’s important to remember that if you already have an IT department, working with a managed service doesn’t necessarily mean you sacrifice your IT department in favor of the managed partner.

If you’re in the process of deciding whether strategically outsourcing your IT makes sense, this article will shed light on some common misunderstandings about what co-managed service providers can do for your company.

1st Misconception: Managed IT requires an onsite representative from the company

While managed service providers may deploy staff to your site to help carry out specific initiatives, level one support issues can be handled remotely. You, therefore, only have to keep an in-house IT employee on call for dire emergencies.

Co-managed IT helpdesks are completely capable of fulfilling live technical support in addition to troubleshooting either on-premises or offsite, from one of their designated operations centers.

When you take advantage of your managed IT partner’s helpdesk, you relieve your in-house team members from minor yet frequent IT problems, letting them focus on their primary business tasks.

This means that when you delegate meaningful projects and important activities to your direct hires, their valuable resources are optimized. Subsequently, they are less prone to commit costly mistakes from being spread too thin.

2nd Misconception: You will relinquish control of your valuable IT infrastructure

Businesses that are new to the co-managed IT business model believe that when they partner with a service provider, they inherently sacrifice control over their IT systems.

Presuming your own IT infrastructure, the managed service will simply store your data securely and troubleshoot any technical problems with your data.

All IT networks remain in the company’s complete possession. While the co-managed IT service is responsible for maintaining, monitoring, and optimizing your systems according to the established service contract you retain full ownership over all your digital assets.

3rd Misconception: On-premises IT is cheaper

Many business owners are still operating under the assumption that keeping their IT in-house is less expensive than partnering with a managed service provider.

On the contrary, partnering with a company like PCH Technologies almost always results in cost savings. Likewise, business owners find the recurrent subscription billing to be less than their on-premises IT operating expenditures.

Managed service providers are experts in managing complex network systems and database centers bringing additional expertise and economy to the company’s IT.

The inefficiencies increases you’ll discover after partnering with a co-managed service means you won’t overpay as you reduce your overall IT expenditures above and beyond what you would have if continued to manage your own IT.

4th Misconception: You’ve already optimized your current IT infrastructure

The vast majority of businesses that could benefit from co-managed IT are already pleased with the results of their current IT infrastructure and think little can be done to improve it. But therein lies the problem -only a specialized team can fully optimize your IT systems to their maximum potential.

Even if you have an excellent on-premises IT department, a specialized managed team only enhances it. They can resolve the most complex Cloud and network-related problems and do an even better job of anticipating them before they emerge and present themselves as more serious issues.

Most IT departments have their go-to staff member to troubleshoot and reconcile general IT problems. But there invariably comes a time when the ace card on your IT team encounters technical issues too complicated for the average skill set to tackle.

Co-managed IT services maintain specialized staff with the specific specialty skills to overcome the most advanced technical obstacles. With a managed service, you won’t have access to just one or two key players but several tools and resources, each specialized and trained in unique areas.

5th Misconception: Transition to Managed IT is too difficult

While transitioning to a new company-wide system is never without its unique challenges and obstacles, a trusted co-managed service provider is entirely capable of fully integrating with your current infrastructure after minimal to no downtime.

Developing your own in-house IT system, in comparison, is pricier, more time-consuming, and usually far more complex than going with a managed service that has been through the process dozens of times over.

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These are just a few common misconceptions about managed IT, but the truth is, they’re little more than popular myths. Skilled and experienced co-managed service providers save companies money keep them on the path to IT success.

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