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What Are The Advantages Of IT Support for Small Businesses in Philadelphia?

What Are The Advantages Of IT Support for Small Businesses in Philadelphia?

Maybe you’ve thought about IT support for your small business, but you wondered about the advantages you would receive. Small businesses in today’s day and age need either a deep understanding of technology, or they need the assistance of those who can unravel their technology problems quickly. Today, everything works off of technology, and when you start to experience problems, you want a fast solution for it.

Receive the Support You Need at an Affordable Cost

Most small businesses can’t afford to hire someone in-house, and it would be a mistake if they were to try. It’s prohibitively expensive, and you may not even have the demands to keep someone busy for 40 hours a week.

Hiring a full-time specialist makes little sense, but hiring managed IT services will give you the support you need while still keeping your costs lower. The company will charge predictable monthly payments that make it easier for you because you can plan for what you owe.

Every small business prefers a system like this because unforeseen costs can sink your business.

Less Money Spent on Office Equipment

When you outsource to an IT support company, you will save money on office supplies. Let’s take the typical full-time employee. For them to do their job right, they will require an average of $200 in office equipment every year. They will need a desk, a computer and a telephone at a minimum. For a full-time in-house specialist in IT, that cost can rise to thousands of dollars for the right technologies. Instead, you can hire IT support, which eliminates the need for paying these costs.

You can hire IT support and use it as an excuse to lower the amount of office space as well. For example, you won’t need to pay extra to allow for the full-time office space of an employee.

Receive a Full List of IT Services

After you hire the services of an IT expert, you will receive their expertise as an asset to your business. It will give you peace of mind because they should be able to tackle any of the IT problems that you might encounter in your everyday environment. Some examples of the services that IT support should include are:

Finish Your IT Projects Faster

The professionals behind IT support should understand deadlines and how to finish your projects on a timeline. Most of them will work on a deadline regularly, and because of that, they have the skill to finish your IT requests as quickly as possible. The high level of expertise has enabled small businesses to receive the highest level of service possible. Not only are they trained in the newest technologies that can help your business, but they understand compliance regulations.

As a side note, you should seek out an IT support company that understands the compliances of your industry. Every industry will have specific regulations. You don’t want to mess this up because failure to follow regulations can lead to costly fines.

24-Hour Support

You can contact IT support 24/7/365 whenever your business experiences problems. In many cases, the provider will monitor your network and systems 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you hire someone in-house full-time, most of the time, they can’t support you 24/7. They’re only one person, but a managed IT provider will often have multiple people who look after your business.

The 24-hour monitoring of your network will lead to other positives like:

  • Fast resolution of problems
  • Adhere to strict cybersecurity standards
  • Reduced system downtime

Only Pay for What You Use

One of the biggest advantages of managed IT companies is that you only need to pay for what you use. You don’t need to extra pay for services that you may never take full advantage of. Businesses save money when they hire a managed IT provider. In some cases, you will save tens of thousands of dollars compared to hiring someone in-house. Let’s say that you only require 10 to 15 hours of IT support in a week. Rather than being forced to pay for 40 hours in a week, you can go with managed IT services to eliminate the excess.

Reduce Your Downtime

Within the SLA of an IT support company, they will contain the expected amount of uptime, which will usually sit somewhere at around 99 percent. Keep in mind that no company can guarantee you 100 percent uptime. However, if their amount of uptime drops below the stated number in the SLA, you have a right to request a reduced fee.

Whenever a problem arises, your IT support team will work hard to bring your network back up as quickly as possible. They will do this to prevent any damage that you might experience from too much downtime.

Access to the Best Technology

You want to get the edge over your competition, and this means that you need to keep the best technology. With the right IT support company, your business will automatically receive updates on the latest technology trends that will let your business adapt and grow. The biggest benefit is that you can reach out to them at any time to receive the best IT solutions. They can serve as an advisor on what technology your business should use to compete.


If you’d like to learn more about IT support, you might consider PCH Technologies. We’re a managed IT support company that helps small businesses to perform their best with technology. We will monitor your network and take a proactive approach to technology that eliminates expensive problems before they can harm your business. If you’d like to learn more, please give us a call at (856) 754-7500.