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Which Industry Verticals Require Mobile Device Management

Which Industry Verticals Require Mobile Device Management

Businesses across all sectors, from warehousing and supply chain distribution to education and retail, are seeking dependable mobile device management solutions in ever-increasing numbers. To sustain smooth and uninterrupted operations, access to working mobile devices that protect your critical information is imperative.

Mobile device management (MDM) software solutions help companies leverage handheld technology through a centralized management system that can handle your laptops, tablets, smartphones, and any other mobile devices your business has grown reliant upon. MDM software from a reputable managed service provider (MSP) can help you implement and provision an MDM while scheduling the necessary updates and automating several other time-consuming tasks.

MDM technology assists businesses in sourcing lost, misplaced, or stolen devices by allowing you to locate them quickly via GPS. The software also ensures you follow the required updates and device maintenance plan to ensure optimal security and functionality of your mobile hardware. Given the current threat environment and, in light of a series of recently well-publicized cyber attacks, implementing a robust cyber protection strategy is crucial.

Why is small business cybersecurity important

If they haven’t already, smaller companies should start taking cybersecurity seriously and planning their budgets accordingly. However, implementing an effective cybersecurity policy now, before an attack, means you must first understand the unique set of risks posed to your organization. Identifying your existing vulnerabilities through a comprehensive cyber risk assessment is the best approach for understanding how to protect your business indefinitely.

Today’s healthcare, retail, logistics, and education business verticals demand effective mobile device management solutions to ensure the security of your most sensitive data. If your employees depend on tablets, smartphones, and laptops to conduct their daily operations, a mobile device management solution from PCH Technologies can simplify your management.

Our software can lighten administrative workload by automating several processes and bringing all your devices under a centralized console. The solution streamlines your associates’ ability to monitor devices and locate them if they’ve been misplaced or stolen. The global MDM market has helped businesses become more productive, which explains why it continues to grow exponentially. Analysts predict that the worldwide mobile device management market will reach more than USD 20.4 billion by 2026.

Many experts are still wondering how this growth will impact the various vertical markets serviced by IT outsourcers. Here are a few known industries where MDM solutions have provided a significant return on investment (ROI):


Healthcare providers who need to access electronic patient records remotely have benefited significantly from MDM software solutions. Mobile devices deployed in the field and hospital facilities for patient treatment and health data monitoring are subject to cybersecurity threats. Protecting a patient’s security and privacy is essential, which is why healthcare organizations have come to rely upon MDR software more and more to monitor and control access to their mobile devices.

Should a piece of hardware get stolen, IT admins at healthcare companies can easily disable and wipe the missing device to prevent a breach. MDM solutions also help streamline electronic business communications while securing them through better encryption. With this added layer of protection, mobile healthcare devices are never misused, and any threats to them remain neutralized.


Few economic sectors rely on the use of mobile devices more than education. With knowledge increasingly distributed through mobile technologies like tablets, smartphones, and other Internet of Things (IoT) devices, education administrators need mobile device management software to mitigate the growing threats of a cyber attack on these multiple endpoints.

MDM software gives educators and their administrators complete control over school mobile devices to foster safe learning environments where all website access is restricted and pre-approved. Features like keyword filtering allow your admins to prevent access to age-inappropriate content while helping them manage mundane tasks like licensing, patching, and updates.


Warehouses use handheld devices like barcode scanners and mobile phones with inventory management applications to increase productivity and reduce labor overhead. Warehouse operators and transportation specialists that work in packaging, receiving, picking, dispatching, and product deliveries depend on mobile devices to conduct their daily tasks.

Most logistics companies have now discovered the many advantages of implementing a reliable MDM platform. These software solutions help warehouse operations managers keep their devices updated and patched for optimal performance and security. If regulatory compliance is a concern, MDM software helps to ensure you always remain in spec.

Reduce security risks and costs with MDR software

We’ve listed only three of dozens of industry verticals in which a mobile device management solution can be advantageous. MDM software helps companies of every size and ilk improve their security and increase uptime while lowering their risks and expenses.

It’s not entirely uncommon for a business to make a considerable investment in mobile technologies only to discover the price to manage them has nullified its forecasted productivity gains. A well-designed MDM solution gives you a cost-effective means of facilitating and securing your mobile devices without draining your current IT resources. Under most circumstances, you should expect your technology department’s output to increase after implementing MDM software.

Any business that deploys mobile devices and needs to reduce downtime while improving its endpoint security will benefit from an MDM solution. The platforms provide an additional layer of protection that can dramatically reduce threat risks to your company networks and sensitive customer and employee information. MDM software also lets you closely monitor the status and health of your field mobile devices while ensuring you can always locate and disable them if they are ever misplaced or stolen.

MDM Software solutions from PCH Technologies

PCH Technologies offers robust mobile device management solutions that help small to medium-sized organizations like yours improve workplace safety and operational productivity. If you’re still searching for the right MDM solution for your business, call us today at (856) 754-7500 or complete our online request form to book your free discovery call now.