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Why are Co-Managed IT Services Important For South Florida Businesses?

Why are Co-Managed IT Services Important For South Florida Businesses?

Understanding Co-Managed IT

Before we can go into this topic, you must first understand the idea of a “co-managed” IT approach. As the name implies, this is a method of IT management and it is one of three standard options. In general, managed IT service plans fall into three categories:

With option one, all of your IT needs will be handled by an on-staff team that maintains a physical presence in your facilities. If you choose option number two, everything will be handled by a third-party company like ours. A co-managed approach is a middle-ground option: It allows you to divide the IT responsibilities between an in-house team and an outsourced team.

Why Are Co-Managed Services Important For Businesses?

Whether you are located in Florida or anywhere else, a co-managed approach can be a very important tool. The main advantage of this method comes from its versatility. As we said, this type of plan involves a division of labor. You will have to make some important decisions about how those tasks will be divided. As a general rule, you want to outsource the menial and routine tasks, as that will free up your on-site team for problem resolution and general optimization.

The Benefits Of A Co-Managed IT Plan

There are a number of reasons for which people choose these kinds of plans. Let’s talk about some of the most important ones:

1. Better Service

As we said, these kinds of plans are always highly customized. Otherwise, there isn’t much of a point in having one! Because these are highly customized plans, your managed service provider will have to work around your needs to a much greater extent. This is a very customer-centric approach to IT management, and that often translates to better service.

Shorter wait times, courteous help, and more effective resolutions are just some of the good things that can happen when your MSP is focusing specifically on your needs. Otherwise, it will be easier for your company’s needs to get “lost in the shuffle.”

2. An Extra Level Of Security

In most IT-related matters, you should strive to eliminate redundancy. The general idea is to save labor costs by eliminating any overlap between various job duties. However, when it comes to security, this concept isn’t very useful. You want a certain amount of redundancy in your online defenses because each of these can act as a different “layer” to those defenses.

To understand this idea, let’s compare it to physical security measures (like a large wall, for instance). If a fortress has only one layer of wall, it probably won’t stand against a determined attack. At the first breach of the wall, the attackers will flood into the gap. Now, imagine that same scenario with multiple walls, each one inside of another. In this case, the attackers will need to knock down multiple strong barriers in order to gain entry, giving you more time to respond with arrows, boiling oil, or whatever you have.

So, how does this relate to co-managed IT? The answer is simple. When you have two different (and unconnected) teams managing your security, that’s twice as many vigilant eyes on the job. That makes it twice as likely that an attack will be detected and neutralized. Even if they fool one team, they are highly unlikely to get past both. With the high number of cyber-attacks that have occurred in Florida over the last few years, that extra layer of security can mean an awful lot.

3. More Professional Knowledge At Your Disposal

The field of IT management is a very large one that includes a variety of different subjects. There is no way that any one person can possibly learn everything, and that is why you need a whole team. Still, there is always the chance that your existing team will not have all the expertise they need.

If the in-house team should run into a problem that they cannot solve, it can be very helpful to call on the services of another team. While that team might not necessarily be “better” overall, they might have someone with the specialized knowledge to solve a tricky problem. Either way, having two different IT teams will make it easier to guarantee that all your issues can be solved by someone who knows what they are doing.

The Main Downside Of A Co-Managed Plan

As you might imagine, co-managed IT services aren’t always necessarily the right way to go. That’s why the other two options exist. A co-managed plan will require a certain amount of coordination between the two teams. While each team must be able to operate independently, they need to have good communication between them. This allows the teams to help each other, making each one more productive in the end. If that communication is lacking, however, things can get a little bit confusing and messy.


If you are looking for co-managed service providers in Florida, then you have come to the right place. Our managed IT services benefits are easy to utilize, as we have all the top-tier professionals you need to ensure the best results. If you need a co-managed IT plan or any other sort of IT assistance, you can call PCH Technologies at (856) 754-7500.

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