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How Do Managed IT Services Work?

How Do Managed IT Services Work?

Choosing the right managed service provider (MSP) to partner with is among the most important decisions small business owners can make. Technology has rapidly evolved over the past several years, and if your company aims to thrive, developing the right IT plan is vital. Business leaders can no longer stay focused on profit growth strategies alone.

If they hold any hopes of staying competitive over the long haul, organizations that want to expand their footprints must ensure their IT is growing along with them. Now, let’s take a detailed look at how managed IT services and managed security services (MSSPs) work.

What is a managed IT support service?

Also known as managed service providers or MSSP services, for the more security-orientated platforms, MSPs are comprised of highly skilled IT specialists who either work in tandem with your in-house IT department or fully manage all of your technology needs. Managed services also assist with employee training and strategic planning, providing your associates with expert guidance and cutting-edge skills training to keep your company’s IT secure and up-to-date.

While your internal IT team might be adept with general computer and network systems, managed IT services bring specialized knowledge about cloud platforms, electronic hardware, system infrastructure, device networking, cybersecurity, and various software solutions to your organization. Each member of a dedicated managed service comes with a unique skillset and area of expertise. MSPs allow you to draw from a diverse and keen pool of expert knowledge at a discounted wholesale rate.

Moreover, national top 10 managed security service providers and managed services provide premium round-the-clock support by phone, email, or chat anytime one of your employees or customers encounters an IT issue. So, what else can MSPs and MSSPs do for your business?

A clear IT strategy

Gone are the days of the break-it/fix-it model where you wait for something bad to happen and hope you can take care of it quickly on the backend. If a network or server failure occurs, your managed service partner will instantly know about it and start working to restore services immediately.

In the unlikely event of a cyberattack or malfunction, the dedicated IT support staff will quickly begin mitigating the problem through analyses and diagnostics to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The primary goal of a managed service provider is to eliminate or reduce unplanned downtime so you avoid losing valuable business.

Managed IT support services address urgent and immediate business needs via email or phone because they maintain on-call staff at all hours of the day, seven days a week. Even if you need general assistance setting up a workstation, the MSP is available for immediate assistance.

Not unlike your typical help desk inquiry, all you have to do is create a ticket, and the team of technicians prioritizes it in order of importance in their queue. If you don’t make immediate contact with a specialist qualified to resolve your IT matter, the appropriate staff member will contact you as soon as permissible for direct assistance. Depending on the requirements and escalation status, a technician will either deliver services remotely or visit your location to resolve the IT issue on-site. Wait times for services are usually nonexistent or low. Most of the time, users find the help they need at the first point of contact.

Business continuity planning

IT support companies aren’t only useful when you have a problem. They proactively work with your business departments to develop a long-term, sustainable IT plan. MSPs bring intelligent IT and business solutions to the table for better decision-making and planning. Aside from reducing your overall IT expenditures, businesses that partner with an MSP invariably realize higher revenue through increased productivity. This enhanced efficiency translates to better earnings, higher customer satisfaction, and boosted sales.

What solutions will PCH Technologies provide?

When you partner with our team of specialists, we give you all the benefits of an enterprise-level IT department at a fraction of the cost. You won’t have to hire, manage, and pay specialized technicians if you can even succeed at finding one in today’s crunched IT labor market in the first place. Handling network security, maintenance, and management doesn’t generate revenue. Yet withal, it still absorbs a significant portion of your budget.

As a top managed IT provider, we’ve leveraged our experience to develop a series of network security protocols that defend your systems against viruses, criminal hackers, and other cyber threats to provide the highest levels of security and protection. Apart from hardware and software support, we deliver a myriad of customizable IT services to help set your company apart from the competition.

For an initial consultation about which managed services benefit your business the most, contact PCH Technologies today at (856) 754-7500.