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5 Reasons to Consider Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking with SDWAN

5 Reasons to Consider Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking with SDWAN

The Meraki Cloud Networking platform could fundamentally change the way your IT department functions and what it focuses on. Read on to see some of the amazing ways it can revolutionize your business.

IT Resource Maintenance Is A Thing of the Past

Cisco Meraki Networking platform takes much of the day-to-day maintenance done by IT departments and leverages the cloud to minimize monotonous tasks like these. When you think of all the IT teams that devote hours to applying the same patches and update in various offices around the world, it makes perfect sense that a cloud platform could relieve this workload.

Full Features System Out of the Box

The Meraki cloud product comes with everything the solution is capable of. There are no licensing or hardware requirements to worry about. If you have it, you have everything it can do. Additionally, the platform is an actively maintained and updated product that makes sure it utilizes the latest and most secure cloud technologies. Since its acquisition in 2012, Cisco Meraki has had 52 major feature updates to better meet the needs of customers. (Download the Meraki Datasheet)

  • Unified visibility and control of the entire network via a single dashboard: wireless, switching, and security appliances
  • Streamlines large networks with tens of thousands of endpoints
  • Zero-touch provisioning for rapid deployment
  • Built-in multi site network management tools
  • Automated network monitoring and alerts
  • Intuitive interface eliminates costly training or added staff
  • Network tagging engine – search and sync settings by tag
  • Role-based administration and auditable change logs
  • Continuous feature updates delivered from the cloud
  • Highly available and secure (PCI / HIPAA compliant)

Cloud Base Design As a Foundation

Unlike many cloud technologies that emulate or live underneath legacy non-cloud operating systems and programs, everything has been designed with the cloud in mind with Meraki hardware. Competitors often have retro fitted on-premise solutions to provide “pseudo-cloud” infrastructure; Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking, however, is the real deal.

Unlimited Access

The ability to work from any device in a homogenous interface is becoming more important than ever. The boundaries between operating systems, mobile devices and other solutions are almost erased completely with cloud networking solutions like Meraki. If you have internet, you have all your tools at your fingertips regardless of what medium you’re using.

Meraki SD-WAN

The Meraki SD-WAN is a software-defined approached to network connectivity that lowers the costs and usage for multi-site deployments. It allows for better use of resources and bandwidth to ensure highest level of performance without sacrificing privacy and security.

  • Dual-Active VPN uplinks
  • Policy-Based Routing (PbR)
  • Dynamic path selection

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Technology is moving faster than ever. Now is the time to do more in less time. Redundant IT activities are becoming a thing of the past. Call and find out more about how Cisco Meraki Cloud Networking can streamline your business today!