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Managed Services vs. SaaS: You Don’t Need to Choose

Managed Services vs. SaaS: You Don’t Need to Choose

Just a short time ago, if a company needed software, they would contact their vendor to request a box of CDs and license keys. The Cloud, however, has changed the way software providers do business while transforming their business models at the same time.

Given this newfound accelerated rate of change in tech, business owners can easily find themselves confused about what services IT outsourcers provide and how to engage them. Moreover, because managed IT services can mean different things to different people, there are even more questions about the difference between managed IT services and Software-as-Service (SaaS).

The two business models aren’t exactly distinct, and you don’t necessarily have to choose one over the other. Managed services make SaaS implementation more effective. On that same line, the most complex software services require additional expert support. The two business models work interdependently, so if you’re thinking about deploying a SaaS solution, consider the benefits of partnering with a managed service provider like PCH Technologies.

Now, let’s delve deeper into how managed IT services and SaaS providers work together.

SaaS implementation requires specialized knowledge

After you deploy a SaaS solution, it requires regular maintenance. Managed service providers bring the necessary expertise to get running and help you get the most performance out of your software over time.

Salesforce is among the most common software solutions in use today. It’s a robust platform. Many companies find they need additional support to unlock several key features. Managed service providers will provide your company with the proper training and support so that your internal IT staff understand how to leverage the software and get the most out of your investment.

It’s not uncommon for business owners to employ a SaaS expert inside their organizations. However, with the current shortages in skilled IT workers, finding and retaining specialized talent may prove cost-prohibitive. Not to mention that your existing staff must be trained and re-trained to understand the software solution, and any required support for the tool will rest solely in their hands.

As your software applications, your in-house IT team will likely find that becoming an expert on the latest technology you’ve implemented isn’t exactly easy. The more solutions you introduce, the greater chances you will have to consult outsourced expertise. Managed service providers can supply an expert for every situation.

Managed service providers can integrate SaaS solutions

Companies tend to deploy multiple software solutions at once. This can lead to issues like data sprawl, making your valuable information difficult to track down because it is housed in so many different locations.

A reliable managed service can integrate your SaaS products to operate as a cohesive system. SaaS suppliers typically aren’t up to the task of engaging in complex projects like this. When you converge your systems with the help of a managed service, your business operates more efficiently because your productivity levels increase.

SaaS providers don’t offer fixed costs

When you deploy a SaaS solution, you should expect tiered pricing that can change depending on how your organization uses the software. Licensing is more complex than many business owners presume, especially if user requirements frequently change. Managed IT service providers help companies find the right licensing paths to reduce licensing fees and other overall expenditures.

While SaaS service providers offer technical support, it usually comes at a steep price. A managed service offers ongoing training and support. Instead of paying high fees for advice that may not solve your technology issue, you can rely on an expert partner in the managed service provider for all your technical support.

Managed services supply expert advice and employee training

There are times when it is difficult to determine which SaaS solutions your company needs. Businesses often have to take the “try before you buy” approach, exploring multiple software applications before deciding which solution is best for their operations. Managed IT service providers will help guide you through the SaaS selection process by assessing your organization’s requirements and recommending the best solutions for your needs.

SaaS companies can provide expert advice on their own products, but they do not perform a comprehensive analysis of your business to ensure the solution is right for you. Moreover, they are restricted to recommending their own products only. If there are strong alternatives that perform better for your purposes, a SaaS provider won’t cue you in about them.

Get more continuity with our MSSP services

With everything moving to the Cloud, SaaS products change quickly and their providers come and go. The team at PCH Technologies supplies companies with continuous support from the time you adopt the new SaaS solution to when you have to upgrade and explore the potential of emergent products.

We’re ranked among the top 10 managed security service providers and can serve as a comprehensive IT platform to handle all your IT needs. For more information on how our unique MSSP services can optimize your SaaS solutions contact one of our expert technicians today at (856) 754-7500.