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Overcoming Common Cloud Migration Problems

Overcoming Common Cloud Migration Problems

Cloud usage for both business and personal activities has skyrocketed over the last decade. Cloud solutions for small businesses are among the most sought-after and dynamic industrial solutions the world has ever seen. The cloud has shifted the way traditional businesses serve their customers, inviting a breadth of new possibilities in the workplace and beyond.

Most modern companies depend upon a reliable and seamless cloud migration process at some stage. The question is less about if you need migration services and more about when to engage them. Cloud migration is complex and requires adequate planning and preparation to ensure a smooth transition. In this article, we list a few top obstacles when it comes to cloud migration and how you can start preparing for the switch now.

What are the most common cloud migration issues for businesses?

Cloud environments are as diverse as the range of companies they serve. Among the primary setbacks of implementing any cloud-based solution is that so few businesses know how to optimize this invaluable tool. Here are seven common issues organizations experience during cloud migration:

  • Budgetary constraints
  • Unforeseen security vulnerabilities
  • Lack of a clear strategy
  • Network and employee downtime
  • Cloud sprawl
  • Critical system failures
  • Lack of knowledge about the cloud environment

A reputable managed IT solution addresses these common problems on your behalf. Let’s look at how a partnership with PCH Technologies helps you overcome common cloud migration problems to make your transition as seamless as possible:

A dependable cloud migration strategy

Businesses that endure an unsuccessful cloud migration initiative don’t succeed because they weren’t prepared to leverage the full benefits of their solution. This lack of success is attributable to poor strategic planning. In-house IT managers frequently start the cloud migration process feeling confident before finding themselves stuck after completing hours of previous work. This points to the absence of clear business goals. These cases often require the project to be abandoned before a qualified IT outsourcer develops a new migration strategy from scratch.

An expert team at PCH Technologies works with your existing IT and business departments to engineer an effective cloud migration strategy. A smooth transition is paramount, and our specialists help make the process easy to navigate while giving you a range of options. Planning each stage of the migration is critical, and we meet your target without unnecessary downtime and surprise expenses.

More control over the migration process

We mentioned earlier that cloud sprawl potentially complicates your migration plans. Cloud sprawl marks the point at which your company loses control of its infrastructure components, and you subsequently relinquish centralized insight into your operations. Businesses that deploy multiple cloud solutions can quickly lose grasp of these resources and almost certainly fail to maximize their capabilities.

The best practice is to avoid juggling managed service providers and cloud infrastructure entirely. Start by implementing the unified management of all your cloud services. We can conduct a comprehensive audit before the migration occurs. These tests help you define business roles and procedures and presumably break down any silos between participating departments. We can assist in developing a clear strategy for each migration stage to track system problems and implement accountability.

Estimating the costs of cloud migration

Avoiding cloud sprawl is among the most effective approaches to keeping cloud migration costs low. When you have issues continually sprouting up, and your engineers can’t find a clear explanation -this is the moment expenses start rapidly accumulating. To develop a clear budget, we measure the costs from day one. You can then assign those estimations to your specific cost centers to establish a real-world price for migrating your business data to the cloud.

Estimating your budget with precision is part of establishing a reliable game plan. We analyze these costs on a continual basis to help you assess your return on investment. Cloud migration projects are expensive, and any initiative you start must remain impactful over the long term. That’s why we work tirelessly to ensure a successful migration project.

Getting started with cloud migration

While moving to the cloud isn’t easy, it is another opportunity to bring more agility and innovation to your enterprise. The first steps entail analyzing your current IT situation and taking stock of your existing infrastructure and business processes. Learn how PCH Technologies works with companies like yours to develop an effective cloud migration strategy by scheduling a free discovery call online or dialing (856) 754-7500 now.