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What You Need to Know About Managed IT Services in Central Florida

What You Need to Know About Managed IT Services in Central Florida

Regardless of what type of business you operate in Central Florida, you need dependable IT support. Small to medium-sized businesses in Florida have found themselves increasingly challenged to find the right in-house IT staff at a cost they can afford. And hiring entry-level technicians fresh of out of college comes with its own set of risks. While these candidates might possess the most current training, their lack of experience could leave you stranded and facing significant downtime.

If you’ve relied upon an inexperienced IT team in the past, there’s a good chance that you had to manage the whole of your IT environment yourself. But as a business owner, you’re not an information technology expert. You cannot expect to spend the bulk of your time learning skills you don’t have to solve problems your internal IT department should be prepared to handle themselves.

Don’t worry if you’re in this position now because there is a reliable, low-cost solution. PCH Technologies is a leading managed IT service in Florida that works to quickly resolve the many issues that small businesses in Central Florida are having with their current IT departments. If you’re unfamiliar with managed IT and unclear about how it can answer your business needs, use this quick guide to establish how a managed service provider benefits your organization.

What are managed IT services?

Technology has been advancing at an accelerated pace, and so have business IT needs. As your company becomes increasingly dependent on a complicated technological environment, finding knowledgable IT support is imperative. Nowadays, managing complex IT requirements demands a highly specified skillset. In most cases, you also need dedicated teams to handle distinct areas like cybersecurity and network maintenance.

Businesses have increasingly turned to managed service providers in Florida to either bolster their existing IT teams through a co-managed partnership or replace it entirely with a fully managed solution. Instead of supporting an internal IT department, you can easily contract with PCH Technologies to handle all your company’s IT requirements.

After you engage a managed service provider, your organization immediately benefits from a team of expert technicians and specialized engineers, all widely knowledgable in several areas of information technology, from data security and protection to network and infrastructure maintenance. The managed service provider model lets businesses scale their IT resources as needed and is often more cost-effective and efficient than building an in-house IT department from scratch.

Types of managed IT solutions

Every business is unique. Subsequently, no “one size fits all” managed IT solution exists. Companies can elect to outsource specific IT needs under the co-managed model or go for a fully managed solution. There are several types of managed service platforms available. Let’s take a more detailed look at them below so you can make an educated decision about whether or not an IT support company is right for you.

Backup as a Service

The Backup as a Service (BaaS) model provides your company with a backup and recovery center. Managed backup solutions duplicate and store your valuable data on an off-site server and outsourced infrastructure. How often your information backs up depends on your chosen recovery plan.

Under the BaaS subscription model, your managed service provider will develop a disaster recovery plan (DRP) alongside your business and IT teams. The DRP underscores what should happen if your digital environment ever fails and takes your operations down with it. If a disaster hits, your recovery plan specifies a clear set of expectations regarding how the managed service provider will respond.

Desktop as a Service

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) utilizes an outsourced host to deliver virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) on the back end. Whenever you log in to the remotely administered operation system, you access it from the managed service provider’s virtual cloud. You can access DaaS from software installed on a device or by logging on to the cloud via the managed provider’s virtual infrastructure.

Security as a Service

Businesses that need a third party to handle their complex cybersecurity requirements rely on the Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Like DaaS, the SaaS model delivers services over the managed service provider cloud. In some cases, the managed IT company may install physical infrastructure onsite. SaaS packages should include:

  • Security Reporting
  • Log Management and Analysis
  • System Testing, Monitoring, and Remediation
  • Patch Installation Verification
  • Antivirus and Anti-malware Protection

Managed IT services Central Florida: The right choice for you?

The above is just the short list among many more versatile solutions for meeting your technology needs. If your business is experiencing a stage of rapid growth, your future IT requirements will likely eclipse your existing resources soon. When you compare the costs of assembling a comprehensive IT department and keeping it current against outsourcing that same support, managed IT solutions are almost always less expensive.

Want to know more about how managed and co-managed solutions reduce costs? Touch base with PCH Technologies today by filling out our online contact form or dialing (856) 754-7500.

Our Florida Office

As of 2022, PCH Technologies has opened up a new location in Fort Lauderdale, FL in order to serve the South Florida Market. This expansion into the South Florida market aligns strategically with our plans to continue to grow a national presence as a managed service provider (MSP). 

The growing South Florida region includes Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm, creating an opportunity for PCH to fulfill the expanding needs of the market.

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