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Why are MDR Solutions Preferred Over MSSP and SIEM Alternatives?

Why are MDR Solutions Preferred Over MSSP and SIEM Alternatives?

The managed IT sector uses dozens of acronyms, each representing unique IT services. To the uninitiated, parsing all these abbreviated terms can feel like navigating a house of mirrors. In this article, we’ll discuss three of the primary infosec services, managed detection and response (MDR), managed security service provider (MSSP), and security information and event management (SIEM), before explaining why an MDR solution should be your first choice.

What is managed detection response (MDR)?

Each managed IT service platform we’re discussing is a cybersecurity service, and managed detection response is specifically a threat detection solution. MDR services monitor your systems to detect system intrusions, malware, and other malicious hacking activity in networks. After implementing an MDR solution, you benefit from faster reaction times when it comes to mitigating and eliminating threats.

Reputable MDR services carry a light footprint and bare a low presence on your network while deploying some combination of human intelligence and automation to eliminate false positives and isolate potentially serious network threats. In the unlikely event of a compromising attack, you can expect a real-time incident response from your MDR service. The average time to detect the impacts of a cyber threat is nearly 200 days, while a typically managed detection response team can identify a compromised asset within minutes.

What is a managed security service provider (MSSP)?

Managed security service providers have more history in the cybersecurity industry than MDR suppliers. Like MDRs, MSSPs monitor your systems and issue alerts to your operators after detecting any system abnormalities. However, MSSPs differ from MDRs because they do not, as a rule, investigate network anomalies to eliminate false positives. Likewise, MSSP solutions do not respond to security threats in live-time. Most businesses rely upon MSSPs network security services like virus and firewall protection.

Since MDR has become the leading managed IT security solution in recent years, a handful of MSSPs may try to brand themselves as MDR providers, marketing their services in a way that reflects the language and purpose of an MDR provider in their sales materials. This is something to remain conscious of as you screen potential managed service providers. If you’re seeking a real-time response to system abnormalities and cyber attacks, an MSSP solution does not supply the same high levels of incidence response you’ll find in an MDR.

What is security information and event management (SIEM)?

Security information and event management is an admittedly vague cybersecurity concept because its definition changes depending on who you consult. SIEM refers to an array of security solutions and services, from IT administration and technology-based tools to threat detection and managed service provider event processing and alerting.

SIEM solutions rely on networking traffic data recorded from multiple sources. Engineers then correlate the information to underscore incidents that need further attention. Most SIEM providers rely on standalone technological solutions and don’t provide purpose-built systems customized to your unique operations. Large companies that manage security operations centers (SOCs) or maintain internal cybersecurity teams benefit the most from SIEM solutions. SIEM providers usually supply hardware and software that requires consistently high levels of interactivity with your on-premises IT staff for effective implementation.

Why choose MDR over MSSP and SIEM?

The current IT environment is problematic to many small and medium-sized businesses because they require the same protection as an enterprise-level security operations center at a fraction of the cost. MDR services bring smaller companies cost-effective cybersecurity solutions that keep their operations up-to-date while positioning them competitively against their big business counterparts.

MDR providers extend their services beyond the traditional MSSP security platforms because they focus more on detecting threats before they escalate and immediate reaction times. Your operations are subject to strict, industry-specific regulations if you run a healthcare, education, or financial services business. And these regulatory bodies demand the kind of detection and response a trusted MDR solution from PCH Technologies can provide.

Short of implementing a fully-fledged security operations center, managing an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a daunting task. You may struggle to source and train the specialized IT talent required, even if you possess the requisite investment capital to develop your own cybersecurity solutions in-house. Moreover, your lack of preparation could make you a prime target for cybercriminals.

A risk-free cyber assessment from PCH Technologies

Cybersecurity threats are in a constant state of flux. Ensuring you stay protected from the latest cyber attacks is crucial to maximizing uptime and maintaining fluid operations. For more on how PCH Technologies can immediately improve the security posture of your business, schedule a no-obligation discovery call on our website now or dial 844-754-7500 today.