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PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


We have the experience and the resources to identify and solve your IT-related problems. That’s what IT consulting is—both simple and powerful.

Managed IT Services

Whether you are running a small business, a large business, or anything in between, competent IT support is a must. Doing business in the modern marketplace without using information technology is not realistic, regardless of how well other methods may have worked in the past. As such, every company and organization needs people to manage those specialized needs. We would like to take a moment and tell you about some of the services that we can provide.

Managed IT Services Brookside, DE

Managed IT services can include a lot of different things. This is because a managed IT services plan will normally be custom-made for your needs. Like a fine set of custom-made clothes, it should provide a perfect fit for you and your organization. For instance, you might need to set up a cloud network and start migrating certain tasks and services over to that cloud. In order to do this safely and efficiently, the help of an expert is needed.

There are many obvious aspects to managed IT services, like the improvement of security and performance. When things have been streamlined and redundancies have been eliminated, everything tends to run more smoothly. There are also less obvious services like a virtual CIO.

A CIO (Chief Information Officer) is basically the head of all IT matters for a given organization, but many smaller organizations cannot afford to employ a full-time CIO. That’s where our virtual CIO services can provide immense help: We can provide you with a CIO that is fully trained for the job while costing you less money. In the end, you save money because you are only paying for the services of a CIO when they are needed.

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Managed IT Support In Brookside, DE

No matter how well-designed or state-of-the-art it may be, information technology will always have certain occasional hiccups. When that happens, quick and effective support can make the difference between a minor problem and a crippling blow. Even something as simple as an online help desk can do a lot to provide answers when they are needed most.

Of course, it isn’t all remote support. In-person support is also available for those whose needs cannot be met over the phone. Sometimes, we can use the remote desktop protocol to fix your devices or network from afar. However, these remote control protocols can sometimes be a security flaw, particularly when the wrong kind of people gain control of them. For that reason, there are certain times when in-person support is much better.

Private Data Center

Managed IT Services

Our Top Managed IT Support Services Include:

Managed IT Security Services In Brookside DE

If you want to know how important IT security might be, all you have to do is hit your favorite search engine. Just type something like “major cyber-attacks in 2020.” You will quickly see that major cybersecurity incidents happen all the time, and that isn’t even counting all the unreported cases. Whether we like it or not, the threat of being hacked is not going away anytime soon. This threat is much greater for organizations and companies, as private individuals usually don’t have as much to be stolen.

At PCH, we understand the tricks and methods that allow bad actors to victimize the unwary. We can provide employee training programs so that your people can learn to recognize the telltale signs of a hacking attempt. Even if they just learn how to spot a phishing email, that alone might save millions. Most sophisticated cyber-attacks will begin with fairly unsophisticated first steps. Like most criminals, they prey on those who don’t know enough to be careful.

Security monitoring is also of the utmost importance. By monitoring networks, files, folders, and settings, it is possible to prevent a wide range of attacks. No matter what method the attacker uses, there will be certain signs of their activity. The key is to recognize these signs quickly and act upon them, and that requires the judgment of a qualified expert.


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Network Security

Managed Security Solutions:

Disaster Recovery Services in Brookside, DE

Data disasters can strike at any time, and they can have devastating consequences. For instance, the law requires companies to keep certain records for regulatory compliance, and also for tax and accounting purposes. If you cannot produce those records when asked, you might end up with a large fine…or worse.

By helping you to keep your crucial data backed up regularly, we can help you minimize any data loss that might occur. It really is more secure to let a third-party company handle this kind of thing. For example, some ransomware variants will target local backups and delete them. Of course, if the backup is not local, such methods will not work.

IT Support

IT Consulting

Disaster Recovery Solutions:

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Faster Connections

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Greater User Capacity and Coverage

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Far Fewer IT Support Calls


No matter what kind of IT help you might need, PCH Technologies can provide that help at a reasonable rate. We are known as the best IT support provider in South Jersey, and we are well on our way to becoming one of the most respected providers of computer IT services in the nation. If you would like to know more about us or the services we provide, you can call PCh Technologies at 844-754-7500.

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