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MANAGED IT SERVICES IN Coral Gables, Florida

Get More Out Of Your Managed Service Provider in Coral Gables…


PCH offers business continuity and disaster recovery services to ensure that your business experiences no downtime if data loss occurs.


At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff by handling all of your information technology support remotely.


We have the experience and the resources to identify and solve your IT-related problems. That’s what IT consulting is—both simple and powerful.

Managed IT Services

Today all companies have websites and user interfaces that are a necessity to make their business successful anywhere in the world. Aiming to keep interfaces safe may be hard to manage by on your own and it may cost a lot of money to tackle alone. IT is a growing field that compliments many different areas of a business and is the pillar of an organization. The value of a dedicated IT department is priceless and it significantly hinders a company when the IT division isn’t on par with its competitors. The managed services offered by PCH technologies is the perfect solution for companies to focus on their product and leave the IT to the professionals. Choose PCH as your IT consulting partner and allow your business to reach its peak.


Coral Gables is home to some spectacular sights, like the famous Venetian pool. However, for those who do business in this part of Florida, the basic needs of a business do not change very much. As part of our nationwide expansion campaign, PCH Technologies is now offering high-quality computer IT services in Coral Gables. We look forward to showing you why we are considered to be among the best in the nation.

Learn how PCH Technologies can help

your business run smoother

At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff.

Managed IT Support In Coral Gables, Florida

One of the best things you get with PCH’s managed services is 24-hour support. We’ve all had those times when we got stuck with a technical problem that we just couldn’t figure out. When that happens, a little help can make a world of difference, so we are always on hand to provide exactly that.

Of course, IT support is about more than just giving advice. Our seasoned professionals can also help you to optimize your operations and reduce redundancy at all levels. Rather than just offering advice, we help you to solve your problems in the quickest manner possible. By the time you figure in the high cost of downtime, good support is well worth its cost.

Our Top Managed IT Support Services Include:

Private Data Center

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Security Services In Coral Gables, Florida

If all those cybersecurity statistics are to be believed, most companies will be targeted by cyber criminals at some point. It seems that small businesses and large businesses alike have more risk than ever when it comes to hackers and the like. Once you realize that, you realize that cybersecurity is highly important.

When you are dealing with private information (whether it be health info, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive data), the customer is placing a certain amount of trust in your company. They are trusting that you will keep their private information private. So, you should ask yourself: Should I really skimp on this kind of thing?

The answer, of course, is no. Simple fire-and-forget solutions (like automated programs) are not enough. Even with the use of a controlling AI, most automated security measures can be circumvented by a dedicated attacker. However, it is much harder for them to sneak past a well-trained “guard dog.” Our security professionals are more than willing to fulfill that “guard dog” role for you.

Managed Security Solutions:


Network Security

Learn how PCH Technologies can help

your business run smoother

At PCH, we have the ability to eliminate your need for an in-house IT staff.

Disaster Recovery Services In Coral Gables, Florida

Disaster recovery is a term that is used for the process of recovering from a digital catastrophe. This might be anything from a system crash to a fire at a server center to a cyber-attack. Basically, anything that threatens your data falls into this category. PCH is dedicated to ensuring that all of our customers experience the fastest possible recovery times.

The first thing to understand about disaster recovery is the fact that it’s all about proper preparation. Without that, recovery becomes a lot harder (maybe even impossible). Not only do you need a robust and well-managed data backup system, but you also need to have procedures in place to investigate and determine the original cause of the problem. After all, that is the best way to keep such a problem from repeating itself.

Disaster Recovery Solutions:

IT Support

Business Continuity

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Client Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it – hear what our clients have to say about our IT support and cyber security services:

Robert Gatta
Data Display – ceo

William Hoffman
Hoffman’s Exterminating – ceo

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